5 Tips To Lead The PMO With Emotional Intelligence

5 Tips To Lead The PMO With Emotional Intelligence

Insights | 18 February 2013

Here are 5 leadership tips from PM-Partners group to maximise efficiency, outcomes and desired results.

  1. Show You Care
  2. Embrace Differences
  3. Help Employees Experience Significance
  4. Be accountable, an equal, and trustworthy
  5. Be Mindful of Their Needs

1. Show You Care

Leaders need to balance maturity, passion and compassion for their team to perform effectively. Show that you care about people by:

  • Making the extra effort to say thank you and be consistent about it
  • Mentor and support your people
  • Show appreciation for hard work and effort.
  • Be consistent, tactful and precise when reminding people what is expected of them

2. Embrace Differences

People want to be authentic and appreciate those who embrace their differences. To lead your PMO effectively, be more sensitive about managing and leveraging differences:

  • Embrace different qualities in each person to assemble great teams and assign unique talents and abilities to specific situations.
  • Look for common ground within the differences between people
  • Acknowledge that unique perspectives fuel and cultivate innovation and opportunity.
  • Encourage people to be tolerant and bring their unique ideas to the table.

3. Help Employees Experience Significance

Effective leaders motivate employees with how the job can benefit them personally. Motivate your PMO by:

  • Enabling them to feel as if they are creating an impact and can make a mark for themselves.
  • Helping employees appreciate and experience how success can enrich life outside of work.
  • Leading your PMO in a manner that allows them to be both successful and significant at work.

4. Be accountable, an equal, and trustworthy

Just because you are in-charge doesn’t mean that you can’t be an equal. Try to be a more integrated part of the team to help boost productivity. To do this:

  • Be approachable.
  • Hold yourself equally accountable and follow the same rules that you expect from your employees.
  • Admit when you are wrong
  • Be transparent in how you lead
  • Demonstrate authenticity by revealing areas of improvement

5. Be Mindful of Their Needs

Opportunity arises when a leader views a situation mindfully. To assist in improving PMO performance:

  • Monitor workloads so team members are not constantly working beyond their capacity
  • Be equally mindful of your employees reaching their full potential as you are about yourself.
  • Ensure everyone has the ability to improve and increase their performance and productivity.
  • Encourage improvement through continuous feedback, recommendations and suggestions.

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