Proven accelerated adoption, ensuring your team is equipped to deliver business value faster.

Implementing Agile on one project or across an enterprise is a business change that not only impacts project and technical teams, it impacts the business (HR, Finance etc). This impact can be positive leading to accelerated delivery performance or negative leading to business misalignment. Experience makes a difference.

As coaches, our role is to support, guide and mentor you and/or your team, helping embed the mindset, techniques and skills required for successful agile implementation.

Our experience combined with a proven framework means we can quickly provide the comfort and knowledge to help you deliver business value faster, with less disruption.

We coach and guide your team to help accelerate business agility and performance.

PM-Partners group has a dedicated team of Agile specialists that combine field experience of running Agile projects, best practice and flexibility to our clients’ needs. We take your organisational situation and current project/s into consideration prior to suggesting the next steps, ensuring the best business outcome.

What we can do for you:

Our Agile coaches:

  • Can be engaged to coach an individual, team, project, PMO or specific technique
  • Gain an understanding of your Agile business objectives
  • Provide experienced guidance and expert opinion regarding their feasibility, timing and priority
  • Understand your environment to guide and evolve Agile delivery based on learnings
  • Define responsibilities in relation to coaching your team/s and set expectations
  • Build, lead, influence and develop your team
  • Take mutual accountability, with your team, when engaged at a project level
  • Help to manage customer expectations
  • Deliver outcomes within the parameters of your organisation
  • Transition themselves out once Agile has successfully been adopted

Committed to accelerated performance and business agility.


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