Business Agility steers competitive advantage.

A hybrid framework leveraging both Agile and traditional environments to help PMOs, Agile teams and organisations with their journey of adopting agile as a way of working.

Customer expectations and the need to accelerate delivery is disrupting all business levels. Organisations that become more agile and nimble gain advantage over their competitors and typically reduce waste. To create this agility a consistent new way of working must be purposefully architected and implemented whist being careful to not throw away everything (good or bad) we have done in the past.

The PM-Partners Agile PM Framework is a hybrid framework for mixed environments (Agile and Waterfall approaches) that helps PMOs, Agile teams and organisations with their journey of adopting agile as a way of working. For many organisations shifting all project work from a ‘document and plan driven prescriptive methodology’ to Agile or Scrum is an immense change and sometimes unnecessary as they can co-exist.

Our Framework is designed to meet these challenges, utilising the principles of DSDM/ABC, providing the paradigm of the Agile Project that positions traditional project roles whilst enabling continuous cycles of work iterations under the formality of a beginning, middle and end (lifecycle). Leveraging both Agile and traditional environments the framework is designed to be tailored to your business environment prior to implementation.

What we can do for you:

  • For organisations already on or about to start an Agile journey our Framework and guidance will save you time and money to get up and running
  • We can help you establish an overall Framework for a new way of working that can enable Agile, traditional and other methods including PRINCE2® and SCRUM to coexist
  • We can review your journey, needs and business expectations and provide an objective assessment on how to prioritise, re-organise or simply validate the next steps



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