Get requirements and priorities right from the start then everything else can follow.

Outdated or convoluted business services, systems and processes waste an organisations time and money, and lead to customer frustration and revenue decline. As such, the goals of most executives are to increase business performance and maintain a manageable cost structure.

Research leads us to understand that 75% of IT projects fail to deliver results on time and on budget. Lack of user involvement and incomplete requirements and specifications are named as the two leading contributors, essentially meaning millions of dollars are spent addressing the wrong business performance problem/s.

Anyone that has worked on a troubled project knows firsthand that the cost to find and fix a problem in production is higher than fixing the same problem when captured in requirements definition. However, when we get requirements right from the start then everything else can follow, which is one of the reasons why Agile approaches have become so popular.

Business requirements and analysis, when skilfully done, gathers clear and correct requirements to determine the right business solution and at an enterprise level identify your business performance game changers.

What we can do for you:

We can help you transform the way your organisation turns knowledge into action by working with you to:

  • Provide a Business Requirements service for your project to clarify the complex relationships between information, people, resources and technology
  • Evaluate and create a roadmap identifying “quick wins” and longer-term improvements to increase organisational maturity
  • Help integrate Agile techniques

Our Services:

  • Business analysis delivery: We can complement your internal teams with our experienced practitioners, using your or our approach, practices, templates and tools.
  • Centre of Excellence, Enterprise Business Analysis and BA Practice Development. We can help mature your practice to achieve:
    • Faster time to market with Agile techniques
    • Improved alignment between technology and business
    • Consistent capabilities, approach, practices, templates and tools
  • Prepare business cases from detailed feasibility assessments to cost-benefit analysis and benefits realisation planning
  • Facilitate requirements analysis and provide documentation
  • Provide a unique breakthrough service and propriety technology where business requirements are auto-generated directly from business process models. This ensures highly consistent, detailed, complete and standardised business requirements, successfully creating synergy between business & IT.

In partnership with Business Genetics:

business genetics

Good requirements reduce risks and lead to project success; we can tailor any of our services to meet your specific business needs.


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