Assess current performance and prioritise plans to deliver improvements based on value.

The Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3®) has become globally accepted as a standard benchmark and provides a framework within which current performance can be assessed and plans for improvement prioritised when managing and delivering change.

As both private and public sector organisations become progressively interconnected and complex it becomes increasingly important to ensure project, programme and PMO practices are set up for success and fit for purpose. Global best practice P3M3® assessment and improvement planning, targets this objective.

The PM-Partners group is an accredited AXELOS Consulting Partner (ACP) licensed by AXELOS to deliver diagnostic assessments for the P3M3® Maturity Model. We leverage best practice and over 20 years of industry experience to deliver one of the most powerful measures available to support and improve your PMO, portfolio, programme and project success.

P3M3® provides a framework within which current performance can be assessed against global best practice models and improvement plans implemented to increase the benefits of delivering change. The framework can be used to assess the performance and relationships between portfolios, programmes and projects within an organisation or PMO.

P3M3® assesses processes, capabilities, tools, and the management information used to deliver improvements. This allows organisations to determine their strengths and weaknesses in delivering change.

What we can do for you:


  • With such significant corporate investment in projects, coupled with the cost of fixing problems always exceeding the cost of preventing them, it’s a prudent investment to obtain the necessary expert insight
  • The assessment can be conducted at an independent portfolio, programme or project level, across the enterprise or for a specific transformation to ensure the right things are in place
  • Overall patterns of strength and weakness are identified to share learning, avoid duplication and implement targeted improvements


  • Government departments and agencies are undergoing numerous changes and amalgamations to enable efficiency through new operating models, shared services and responsibilities. P3M3® Assessment and Improvement Planning has become a standard approach to diagnose and prioritise improvements to boost the effectiveness of portfolio, programme and project benefits.

General benefits and applications include:

  • Delivery efficiency, effectiveness and cost savings across projects and programmes
  • More effective use of budgets by checking the alignment between corporate objectives and the project portfolio
  • Improved benefits delivery to increase and accelerate return on investment
  • Reviving individual projects and programmes or plans for continual progression

Project and Programme Challenges:

AXELOS has carried out extensive research into the common causes of programme and project failure and how those causes impact outcomes and business results. The causes of failure can be grouped into the following categories:

Design and definition failures, where the scope of the change and the required outcomes and/or outputs are not clearly defined

Decision-making failures, where there are inadequate levels of sponsorship and commitment to the change – i.e. there is no person in authority able to resolve issues

Discipline failures, such as weak (or no) arrangements for risk management and an inability to manage changes in project requirements

Supplier management failures, such as a lack of understanding of suppliers’ commercial imperatives, poor management and inappropriate contractual set-ups

People failures, such as disconnection between the programme/project and stakeholders, lack of ownership, and cultural issues.

If you would like to know how PM-Partners group have assisted private and public sector clients improve their project, programme and portfolio performance and how we can help you avoid some the above challenges please contact us.


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