Is noise or value determining the priority of your projects?

Our constant challenge is to achieve more with less. This means prioritising investments and focusing on initiatives that will deliver the most value.

Executives need to ensure that initiatives tightly align with business strategy and bring optimal value, but how can they be sure that the programmes and projects are the right ones? How do they make informed decisions that could result in greater value or avoid wasted effort and resources by delivering the wrong programmes and projects?

Our Portfolio Management and Governance services help you maximise the value of your projects and programmes. We will provide a holistic view of all project and programme work, analyse value, priority, capacity and capability to enable key decisions. You will gain visibility and control of what resources are working on to ensure the right projects and programmes are being executed at the right time, providing you with the business agility to adjust direction and priority. Coupled with a governance structure that allows you to take management action to keep the portfolio in compliance with business objectives.

What we can do for you:

  • Deliver more programmes and projects that are aligned with the organisation’s strategic objectives
  • Analyse and prioritise resource demand to available supply
  • Make informed decisions with agreement of the highest priority projects
  • Regularly assess value contribution to stop redundant and duplicated projects, so that funds can be reprioritised
  • Ensure your organisation becomes more effective at the implementation of programmes and projects with efficient resource utilisation

Our services:

  • Design, implementation or refinement of portfolio and governance frameworks
  • Optimisation analysis of portfolio to strategic objectives, priorities and resource supply and demand
  • Facilitation of prioritisation and selection framework
  • Portfolio system selection, implementation, adoption support and change management
  • Coaching, training, certification and workshops

If your challenge is to do more with less, speak to PM-Partners to see how we can help you focus your investments on the initiatives that will deliver the most value.


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