Are your programmes and projects setup for success and on track to deliver?

Health checks and assurance services quickly and objectively identify project and programme issues with actionable feedback before a situation escalates.

Every project runs into challenges at some point, adding to these challenges are today’s complex, changing and ambiguous work environments. When not addressed, and without a system of early warning, impending issues become serious and expensive and can be difficult to improve.

Once it is recognised that the cost of fixing a problem always exceeds the cost of preventing it, our health check and assurance services become a wise investment. We leverage best practice and over 20 years of industry experience to deliver one of the most powerful measures available to improve project success.

What we can do for you:

  • We provide you with regular and necessary insight to act or provide peace of mind to know the right action is in place
  • Following an assessment of the set-up structure, practices and status we interview project managers, stakeholders, sponsors, board members, customers and team members to obtain feedback creating a true perspective on the status of the project. A report is then produced to highlight any issues identified with associated recommendations on how to improve.

Services Include:

Project Health Check

An objective, non-intrusive and independent review to identify actionable recommendations.

Earlier detection of project issues results in increased project success rates and return on investment. A Project Health Check provides an objective view of where the project is going wrong without any finger-pointing or can simply provide peace of mind for executives by adding rigour to high risk initiatives.

By completing health checks, you can capture and resolve issues and non-compliances in a cost-effective way which can be applied to future projects. The outcome provides an actionable report with prioritised recommendations and trend analysis in cases where multiple reviews are undertaken.

Set up for Success

Completed in the early stages of a project with an emphasis on ensuring all critical resourcing, planning, analysis and estimating aspects have been appropriately completed.

  • Is the right structure and delivery model in place?
  • Is the business case robust?
  • Is the project set up to deliver on stated objectives?
  • Have you filled your key roles?

Post Implementation Reviews

A Post Implementation Review (PIR) assesses the project’s success after completion. This independent, scalable review will capture lessons learned and benefits, ensuring accelerated outcomes for future projects.

Typically completed at the end of the project with a focus on identifying strengths and challenges. Providing actionable recommendations to assist future projects.

Engaging independent consultants to conduct PIRs ensures the results, benefits and lessons learned are candidly captured and the projects success is validated, giving stakeholders the confidence that the objectives set out have been achieved.


Our Assurance Methodology is designed to provide an ongoing and independent review of the effectiveness of the key practices used to manage a project or programme.

Our approach is focused on providing pragmatic and practical advice, taking into account the unique environment for each customer.

The PM-Partners group Assurance Methodology is reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure alignment with international best practice and experience from our team of practicing Project and Programme Managers.



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