Agile Project Management has come of age

Agile Project Management has come of age

Insights | 24 September 2015

Here we explore the latest version of AgilePM® based on the Agile Project Management Handbook v2.

Fast paced changing environments mean that even agile approaches need to be ‘agile’ and adapt and change with the marketplace. Earlier versions of AgilePM (including V1.2) were based on a subset of Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) Atern V2. Much has changed since this was launched.

The latest AgilePM reflects current agile thinking and experience of DSDM in practice in a dynamic and complex world. The Agile Project Framework from the DSDM Consortium forms the base for this latest version of AgilePM.

What do we mean by agile?

The term agile can be used in many ways. AgilePM looks at agile as a way of working and thinking, encompassing flexibility, working closely with the customer, ensuring final solutions meet business needs and deferring decisions about detail until the last responsible moment.

What’s new to AgilePM v2?

  1. The concept of ‘blended agile’ where an organisation may choose to combine different agile approaches and techniques. AgilePM reaches out to other methods and areas to ensure strengths are played to; integration is vital in a complex environment. A good example of this is to use AgilePM for project management and Scrum at the development level. It is not about AgilePM going alone – it is about ensuring fit for purpose approaches overall.
  2. More project management guidance. The section in the manual ‘The Agile Project Manager Perspective -Digging Deeper’, explores in more detail the areas of DSDM most relevant to Project Managers. Overall the guide is more ‘PM-centric’.
  3. People focus. This has been strengthened throughout the new guide, and the detail of each of the roles and their associated responsibilities has been augmented by looking at the responsibilities through the PM’s eyes. The PM needs to ensure that each person participating in the project understands their role(s), along with the importance of their responsibilities. The relationship between the PM and other roles is explored in more depth than previously.
  4. Implicit now made Explicit. The latest guide presents 3 new planning concepts, a revised set of 6 testing concepts and 4 new tracking and control concepts. Where these concepts were previously only implicit, they have now been made explicit and structured in a way that is easier to apply.
  5. Tailoring AgilePM. Guidance is provided, enabling links and hooks into other methods such as PRINCE2® and Scrum.

In effect, the latest DSDM philosophy statement reflects the updated focus of AgilePM:

“Best business value emerges when projects are aligned to clear business goals, deliver frequently and involve the collaboration of motivated and empowered people”

Agile Project Management Handbook v2

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