Goals of Business Analysis

Goals of Business Analysis

Insights | 28 September 2010

Having a constructive look at your business can really give your project management and overall company management a real boost.

Effective business analysis tools are outcomes based – with each aspect having well defined goals. While measuring return on investment is the ultimate goal for companies – business analysis will also allow you to observe and translate finer victories that have come out of a project. These include:

  • Fine-tuning project life cycles
  • Analysing problems within processes
  • Creating solutions
  • Reducing waste

Reducing waste in a project is extremely important to both project managers and business analysts. As any business knows project delays equals costs and expenses. Learning effective business analysis means you can assist executives with high-quality decision making, to enhance both successful implementation and returns to the business. Business analysis aims to reduce waste by:

  • Keeping to schedule
  • Improving efficiency

Business analysis can help realise efficiency by looking at how time spent on projects can be reduced and also reducing rework- two incredibly valuable outcomes in any project.

PM-Partners have devised a range of courses to develop and keep ahead of the curve when it comes to effective and innovative Business Analysis. Courses include:

  • Project Management Skills for Business Analysts

These coupled with our project management courses and consultancy can help your next project not only reach its target, but learn how to improve your business overall.

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