Infographics | 20 March 2019

The Agile Manifesto is simple in overall format and structure, yet there is a lot of wisdom and pragmatism in the four values.. View our latest infographic here.

Infographics | 10 October 2018

For those who are about to begin management of a project or programme, there are some key questions that need to be diplomatically and carefully asked of the senior executives that are involved in the initiative. View our latest infographic.

Infographics | 08 March 2018

It's easy to spot an environment where risk is done wrong - warnings are dismissed, no one knows how to escalate when signs of risk are encountered, or there is no common understanding of the risk tolerance of the company. Click here to view our latest infographic: How Mature is Your Risk Management Approach?

Infographics | 02 August 2017

The core identity of today's project managers needs to change. We already know that a project manager needs to be both a change agent and a leader. View our latest infographic on the Future Identity of Project Managers.

Infographics | 13 June 2017

Over the years it has become apparent that there may be a disparity between what Executives want from a PMO and what a PMO actually delivers. View our latest infographic on Closing the Gap.

Infographics | 11 May 2017

Large transformation projects require a singular focus and steady hand to succeed. View our latest infographic on Facing Risk in Major Transformations.

Infographics | 19 April 2017

An Agile project methodology, Scrum is the most popular of all Agile methods. The emphasis is on the importance of delivering business value early and continuously throughout the life-cycle of the project. View our infographic on the benefits of Scrum.

Infographics | 13 December 2016

For organisations and PMOs adopting agile practices for the ultimate objective of business agility, paying attention to how your team uses language can be like uncovering a hidden asset. View our latest infographic on Agile Adoption - Language Matters.

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