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Business analysis is a competitive environment. To help you stay ahead, our business analysis posts explores and demystifies the internationally-recognised certifications from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®).

Here we explore your FAQs for CBAP® and CCBA® accreditations.

How long is the exam?

  • The CBAP® and CCBA® exams each have 150 multiple choice questions (4 options to select from) and are a maximum duration of 3.5 hours.

What is the difference between CBAP and CCBA?

  • The Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) is the higher level certification for senior BAs and requires a minimum of 7500 hours of experience.
  • The Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA®) recognises those BAs with less experience but still requiring a professional BA certification; it requires a minimum of 3750 hours of BA experience.

Do I need to be a member of IIBA to do the exam?

  • No, you do not need to be an IIBA member, although members do get a discount on the certification exam fee and the recertification fee.

How much does the exam cost?

  • The application fee is $125 USD for each application (CBAP® or CCBA®) and is not refundable (i.e. regardless of whether your application is approved or declined). The exam fee for each exam is $325 USD for IIBA members and $450 USD for non-members.

How long does it take to get my application approved?

  • Applications are assessed and results emailed to applicants within 21 business days of IIBA receiving the complete application and the application fee.

Why would I book on an exam preparation workshop when my application is not yet approved by the IIBA?

  • As part of our CBAP®/CCBA® preparation workshops our experienced facilitators are able to assist you in preparing your application. Your facilitator is CBAP® certified so can pass on hints and tips for the application process. In addition, our 3 day workshop fulfils the eligibility criteria for a minimum 21 hours of Professional Development.
  • NOTE: We recommend that prior to attending training you ensure you have at least 3750 hours BA experience (CCBA®) or 7500 hours (CBAP®).

What is the split of marks for the exam?

The approximate split of the marks for the exams (over the 6 Knowledge Areas in A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®) are:

  • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring 20%
  • Elicitation 14%
  • Requirements Management and Communication 16%
  • Enterprise Analysis 15%
  • Requirements Analysis 19%
  • Solution Assessment and Validation 16%

What is the pass mark for the exams?

  • The IIBA Certification Body does not publicly reveal the cut score or the pass rate for any exam. Raw scores are normalized to a standard scale. 500 is the minimum score needed to pass.

Does the accreditation expire?

  • To maintain your accreditation, you will need to gain 21 Continuing Development Units (CDU) every 3 years. One hour of classroom/contact time of continuing development = 1 CDU.

To find out more about CBAP®/CCBA® Certification Preparation Course speak to one of our Professional Development Consultants today.

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