Change Management

Change Management

Insights | 02 October 2009

Why Organisational Change Management Is Important

Organisational change is a reality of today’s fast-paced modern world. Companies are enduring many more periods of change and at a faster rate than ever before. Two of the main reasons for this are advancing technology — requiring many new processes, and mergers and acquisitions — often necessitating a company’s total restructure.

How are organisations coping with so much change? The reality is that relatively few organisations that choose or are forced to institute change realise the benefits they were hoping to achieve. In fact, they often end up worse off than before.

The small proportion of companies that do succeed with change do so by considering how the technical solutions will affect the people within their organisation. Your staff is crucial in effecting any sort of change. Making them part of it will ensure the successful implementation of technical solutions and set the groundwork for future project change management.

The Best Practices in Change Management Report

The Best Practices in Change Management Report surveyed 288 companies about their experiences and lessons learned in project change management.

The findings include the following:

  • The No 1 contributor to project success is strong, visible and effective sponsorship
  • The main obstacle to successful change is employee resistance
  • The main reasons for employee resistance are a lack of awareness about the change; comfort with the ways things are; and fear of the unknown
  • Employees want to hear messages about change from two people – the CEO or their immediate supervisor (and these messages are not the same)
  • When asked what they would do differently next time, most teams said they would begin their project change management activities earlier
  • Middle managers often resist change because they fear losing control and becoming overloaded with tasks and responsibilities

PM-Partners group Organisational Change Management Practice

PM-Partners group offers consultancy services and change management training courses in organisational project change management.

Our education services comprise a series of workshops for organisational project change management.

Our consultancy services are designed to help you improve or establish organisational project change management capabilities within your organisation through coaching and method development.

For further information please contact PM-Partners group +65 6818 5771.

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