Change Management – Fact or Fiction

Change Management – Fact or Fiction

Insights | 09 February 2016

Change is a natural, normal and necessary part of our personal and organisational lives – at times it may be disruptive, destabilising and discomforting. Focusing on the positive and productive elements of change can sometimes be challenging!

The market drives change; we in fact impose change on ourselves by the desire to grow and achieve. Growth means change.

As PMO, programme and project managers, facilitating change is (and should be) an inherent aspect of our roles. This may mean effectively working together with change leaders and change managers or in some situations assuming a change management role.

The Nature of Change

Fact – it is hard to correctly predict everything in terms of the impact and reactions of organisations and individuals, particularly given the scope of our global environment.

Consider a past or current change situation. Observe what happens:

  • Some will sit back and wait and see
  • Some will be vocal with their ‘it will never work
  • Others will contribute to what they see as important
  • Yet others (hopefully) will be active supporters

In the face of change we need to be fluid and flexible. The certainty is that each and every one of us will face change on a personal and business level at some point. Our approach to addressing, coping and embracing change may differ given specific circumstances.

7 Key Aspects of Change to Explore

To successfully deliver effective change, we need to understand such aspects as:

  1. What is change, what does it really mean?
  2. The impact of change for the individual and the organisation
  3. Preparing for change
  4. Engaging and communicating change effectively
  5. Change readiness
  6. Ensuring change delivers value
  7. Embracing and embedding change

The Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK) from the Change Management Institute (CMI) a global, independent organisation set up to promote and develop the profession of change management internationally, highlights such facets of change management.

The APMG Change Management Foundation and Practitioner accreditations explore in depth these aspects and are recognised by the CMI.

As project professionals we need to be aware of effective change management strategies in order to lead change, reduce resistance and build change resilience. The market is sophisticated, intricate and diverse. Engagement at all levels in an organisation is important not just at the beginning of a change initiative but ongoing.

‘Project management and change management are distinct disciplines but practitioners of these disciplines must often work closely together.’

CMBoK, CMI 2013

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