Where Next: Change Management

Where Next: Change Management

Insights | 21 October 2015

We exist in a forever changing environment – globally, nationally, organisationally and individually. Paradoxically many of us get bored if things stay the same for too long. Change management, therefore, becomes crucial.

Where’s the excitement? Where’s the change?

But, take it to an organisational level and many see change as difficult to implement, often perceived as “too hard” with too many negative consequences; we become resistors.

In reality, change is part of our lives; a normal and natural aspect of life that we embrace (when we want) and on our own terms.

As professionals we are finding more and more that there is a need to supplement traditional project and business management skills with skills in change leadership. Change goes hand-in-hand with projects and programmes regardless of whether we are operating in the PMI®’s PMBOK® guide environment, applying PRINCE2®, AgilePM® or MSP®.

Change Management Certification

APMG’s refreshed certification is fully aligned with the Change Management Institute’s (CMI) Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBOK). It explores the theory and practice of change management including:

  • Change and the individual
  • Change and the organisation
  • Communication and stakeholder engagement and;
  • Change practice

“Profound change occurs when small-scale initiatives are skilfully nurtured by well-aligned leadership at all levels of the organisation, and then spread”.

Senge et.al, 1999

The key is to understand the real benefits of Change Management and how it can be advantageous to you and your organisation. Consider the following:

Benefits for organisation

  • Complements established, process driven methods (like PRINCE2® and MSP®) to develop a holistic picture of change.
  • Enables you to determine a unique, tailored change management process based on the specific needs of the organisation.
  • Reduces the risk of failure or delay during periods of organisational transformation by maintaining productivity and reducing costs.
  • Assists in gaining support from staff and instilling confidence in your change management programme so everyone is comfortable and prepared to move forward to the next stage.
  • Means that Change Management certified professionals can use their comprehensive understanding of change, its benefits and its impact on various groups within organisations to allow the organisation to react more effectively to competitive pressures and to global, political and environmental issues.
  • Is applicable to any organisation, regardless of industry and sector.

Benefits for individuals

  • Improves your ability to change by managing reactions and developing an understanding of change by identifying the impacts that initiatives can have and learning to address them.
  • Assists in understanding how people react to change, enabling you to use this knowledge to lead them successfully through business transformation.
  • Explores change theories and how to apply the appropriate theory for an organisation’s specific needs. This will enhance the way people and organisations deal with and embrace change as well as establishing personal change management processes based on learnings.
  • Provides understanding of how to take people through the various phases of transition and lead change more effectively with less resistance and more support.
  • Helps you understand how to react to change so you are equipped to lead more effectively and sympathetically.
  • Is internationally recognised as leading best practice in practical Change Management
In essence, understanding and adopting effective Change Management approaches and principles is an essential element of risk management for your organisation and yourself.

We provide training for obtaining your Change Management Foundation Certification and Change Management Practitioner Certification.

Need to manage business change with minimal disruption? Speak to our Principal Consultants and find out how we can help you manage the complexity and risk of conflicting priorities.

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