Collaboration, diversity of thought and vocational initiatives drives significant jump in Employee Engagement at PM-Partners group

Collaboration, diversity of thought and vocational initiatives drives significant jump in Employee Engagement at PM-Partners group

Insights | 15 April 2019

Employee engagement and the wellbeing of our team is something we, at PM-Partners, take seriously. We see it as a competitive differentiator when it comes to attracting top talent, which is the cornerstone of successful engagements with our clients. Our people create our culture, which delivers successful outcomes for our clients.

PM-Partners participated in the Gallup G12 Employee Engagement survey in 2018 for the first time. As an organisation, we performed well and committed to a series of initiatives to drive further growth. A year on, we conducted the survey again and were delighted to shift into the top percentiles in most categories.

This a huge achievement, and the change of ownership last year generated significant uplift in the consideration of opportunity for staff across all locations.

By way of background, the Gallup Q12 survey is a way for businesses to benchmark themselves across global organisations of all sizes and verticals. As such, it provides an industry standard approach to measure employee engagement.

By moving into the top percentile of most categories, we now stand alongside global (and local) organisations that we admire for their work with people and cultural development.

We focused on improving three key areas: diversity of thought, vocational opportunity and collaboration. I’m pleased to say that these are also the areas we noticed great improvements.

There are a few key areas I’d like to acknowledge:

  • Our performance this year vs last year improved around 25% on average – that in itself is a huge achievement in 12 months.
  • A total of 85% of our workforce completed the survey this year, which is well above the industry standard.
  • Our overall results increased significantly from last year, with PM-Partners now in the 79th percentile when compared to global teams – up from the 50th percentile last year!
  • Diversity: male engagement scores increased from the 31st to 89th percentile, evening up gender engagement (last year females scored particularly highly).
  • Generational improvement: Gen X is up from the 27th to 85th percentile, and Boomers up from the 14th to 49th percentile. Whilst our millennials were stable at an impressive 80th Percentile
  • Location: Sydney is up from 54th to 76th percentile. There was a big jump in scores from Canberra and Melbourne too – up from the 16th to the 96th percentile.
  • Within our professional teams, Advisory is up from 16th to 71st percentile, Finance and IT are up from 21st to 90th percentile, and Training / Development is up from the 16th to 75th percentile

How did we achieve such as jump in a year? Going back to the basics and ensuring all staff have a voice and understanding how they contribute to PM-Partners. Managers spent more time with their reports and personalised activities for individuals – this ensured there was clear positioning for opportunity and development. The executive team made itself available on the floor to ensure people could ask any question and get an answer ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’. We participated in International Women’s Day and World Mental Health Day, among others. Our sponsorship of the NSW Women’s Super W Rugby team was an opportunity for everyone to be unified in their support of a successful sporting team.

Workplace wellbeing continues to sit firmly on the agenda for the year ahead and this is very much part of our cultural DNA.

It is also important for all employees to know what our mission and purpose is –  not just words on a page , but alive in the workplace. Our people drive our success, so these results are extremely rewarding.

For any business, it’s critical to give your team opportunities for growth and development, to truly listen, and to provide effective feedback mechanisms. These initiatives ensure we put, and keep, our people at the heart of our success.

About The Author

Ken Sheargold, Chief Executive Officer at PM-Partners group

Ken joined PM-Partners as a Transformation Consultant in February 2016 and took on the role of CEO on May 8th 2017. Ken is responsible for delivering major transformational change where there is complexity, risk, many inter-dependencies and conflicting priorities.

Prior to joining PM-Partners group he held a number of executive appointments in the NSW Government and Telstra Corporation.

His most recent appointment in government was the Executive Director, Premiers Implementation Unit directly responsible for supporting the Premier in the delivery of his key priorities across NSW. Prior to working in the Department of Premier and Cabinet he was the Executive Director of ServiceFirst, the shared services organisation responsible for the provision of shared services to the central agencies of government.

He was the Program Director and commercial lead for the outsourcing of ServiceFirst that successfully executed contracts with Unisys and Infosys in June 2015 with a total contract value of $235 million dollars.

Prior to joining the NSW Government, he held a number of senior appointments in Telstra Corporation. Those appointments included Executive Director Corporate Strategy and Customer Experience and Executive Director Service Advantage.

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