Would you consider an EA to be a Project Manager?

Would you consider an EA to be a Project Manager?

Insights | 13 September 2013

It’s important when critiquing your organisation that you ask yourself whether you can highlight the potential hidden project managers within your business. This is a valid assessment of any business as ultimately it is these hidden assets that prove to be quite valuable.

If you take a step back and review the roles set-up within your organisation, it can be suggested that it’s not just those with the official title of project manager who manage the day-to-day projects within your business. This lack of awareness or willingness to acknowledge this worth can result in a) unsuccessful projects/ project management b) cost and company time being lost but also c) prevent you from tapping into a hidden resource talent pool.

Imagine the productivity increase that could be achieved for your business if you placed your staff on training that would allow them to understand fundamental project management groundings that they can then adapt to their role.

Placing more weight to this argument is when you consider the statistics PriceWaterhouseCoopers found when they reviewed 10,640 projects to measure their success. These projects were from various industries, stretching across 200 companies in 30 countries. Alarmingly what they found was that only 2.5% of the companies successfully completed 100% of their projects.

Ask yourself what benefits would be achieved if all your staff were aligned and given the right education to gage more focus within their role to better tackle basic project management tasks. It’s hard to argue against the value this would achieve for your business.


In a recent PM-Partners project management workshop one participant introduced herself as an EA within a large corporate organisation. She went on to explain that in her role she juggles many activities and often manages one-off events or more specifically has been asked to be involved in overseeing major projects within her business. In effect what she outlined to the group was that her role, at times, can fall within a project management category which is often the case for many EAs out in the marketplace.

In today’s global business environment, many EAs find themselves acting as a project manager on a myriad of different projects from conferences, to marketing campaigns to even organising the end-of-year staff Christmas party. Although while the role may not be technically be classified as a project manager it was apparent that project management formed a pivotal part to this EA, furthermore supported when the participant was able to bring many real life examples to the classroom to illustrate her project management concepts.

Seeing that an EA was placed on one of our project management course provides us with an example of where an organisation recognises the importance of having their staff, regardless of title, understand project management concepts, processes, terminology and best practice and how these tool can be best suited to their role.

Assessing the people that attend our project management courses and the variance of job titles that we see flow through, it’s clear that the marketplace are clueing on to the power training can provide their staff especially when it provides clarity and focus to their role. Simply by empowering your people to include project management skills in their job description and providing a little extra focus – the factored ROI on this group of talent is immeasurable.

So take a step back and scan your environment – who do you have out there who are currently running projects without the appropriate underlying frameworks and knowledge? Providing people (human capital) with an understanding of projects and project management no matter what their official job title is a valuable business investment.

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