Business Acumen Development Programme

About this course

How managers perform when in front of executives and customers in many cases dictates success or failure…

Experiential learning through activities related to real life situations:

Many of the skills that managers require cannot just be taught in the classroom, i.e. through lectures, written papers and tests.

Typically, to understand how to best work with executives or how a Customer’s business operates ‘managers learn on the job’…

Rarely do managers get an opportunity to experience the ‘real life’ business issues that are often behind corporate decision-making?

The Business Acumen Development Programme provides practical education and development by linking experiential learning activities to real life situations. Encouraging practice and feedback, so managers ‘learn by doing’ without the risk of failure…

Business situations are simulated requiring the manager to interact with executives through a series of role plays, feedback sessions and workshops.

Programme Overview

Each Business Acumen Development stream is designed for your business, including the type of interactions, subject areas and objectives for the Programme.

From here we structure a series of meeting briefs, role-plays, interactions and short workshops.

Each stream will be kicked off with an Executive meeting where the manager will be thrown in at the deep with the Executive for a one on one meeting.

This will be followed by a workshop to obtain feedback from the executive, discuss and learn more about the particular subject area.

How this course is delivered

All workshops can be conducted either onsite or at our premises, with experienced facilitators providing group and/or individual instruction. Training is provided through hands-on learning, relevant class exercises and a training manual. The Executive meetings are conducted by ex senior managers, business consultants and Executives.

Example  Programme

Each Programme is designed to meet your objectives and time available.

Our participants are also entitled to complimentary telephone consultation/advice within 60 days of workshop completion.


Assessment is established by observation of performance (including relevant exercises), participation and discussion during programme delivery. A brief one-page report is provided for each participant following initial Executive meetings.


  • Executive meeting of approximately 1 hour
  • 1 or 2-day workshop to debrief and cover specific knowledge areas.
  • Discussion groups to workshop actual experiences

Stream 1

Building rapport with the executive

  • Initiating the relationship, how do you get and keep attention
  • Presenting your ‘Business’ value by understanding how business operates financially.
  • Understanding what the Executive wants to hear and how to communicate to best achieve your objectives

Stream 2

Negotiating with the executive

  • You have a relationship, now you have to influence a complex business negotiation at the executive level Negotiating the terms of a contract

Stream 3 

Managing a crisis with the executive

  • The project has started but it’s all gone wrong, you are going to let the executive down personally, how do you deal with it
  • Dealing with the crisis both internally and externally
  • Balancing customer satisfaction, your legal position and the crisis

Outcomes & Certification Eligibility

  • Business financials
  • Business drivers
  • Contracts
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communicating
  • Negotiating
  • Body language
  • Crisis management (what to do, what NOT to do)
  • What to do when you can’t solve a problem
  • Considering legalities
  • Service level agreements
  • Assertiveness
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Building Rapport

Course Dates


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