Coaching & Mentoring for Project Managers

About this course

“Coaching is about creating a supportive environment in which the individual has the confidence to explore new ideas, challenge their thought processes and set personal goals”.
(John Freeway)

“Mentors offer clear thinking space, challenge assumptions and help the individual to ‘raise the bar’ in terms of realising their potential”.
(Anna Britnor)

Workshop Objective

To provide participants with the guidelines for delivering effective, timely coaching and/or Mentoring to their project team members and/or to new project managers.

Who this course is for

This workshop is designed for:

  • Project Managers, and
  • Programme Managers


How this course is delivered

All workshops may be conducted onsite or at our premises, with experienced facilitators providing group and/or individual instruction. Training is provided through hands-on learning, relevant exercises and the provision of a participant handbook containing training materials, tools, templates and checklists, ready for use on your next project.

Our participants are also entitled to complimentary telephone consultation/advice within 60 days of workshop completion.


Assessment of competence is established by observation of contribution and participation during case study exercises and group discussion.
Follow-up assignments are not part of this workshop offering, but may be estimated, designed and conducted upon request.

Customisation Options

Additional day/s covering a greater depth in one or more of the modules covered (see Workshop Content Summary overleaf) or more advanced aspects of interpersonal skills for project managers. Examples include:

  • Coaching and Mentoring for Project Managers
  • Conflict Management
  • Requirements Gathering Facilitation
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Critical Situation Management

Other options available upon request

This workshop can be cost effectively customised to your business environment using an appropriate project scenario from your workplace.

Workshop Content Summary 

 Building Project Teams

  • Behavioural Interviewing for Team Selection
  • Typical Phases in Team Development and the Role of the Project Manager
  • Working with Behavioural and Communication Styles

Communicating Effectively

  • Your Personal and Leadership Styles
  • Active Listening and Questioning Techniques
  • Presentation Skills Planning and Practise

Achieving Win-Win Outcomes

  • How Assertive Are You?
  • Tools and Techniques for Ensuring that Your Needs are Understood and Met
  • Planning for and Conducting Interest-Based Principled Negotiations

Managing the Project Team

  • Leadership versus Management
  • Understanding Interpersonal Influences
  • Conflict Management Styles and Situational Applicability
  • Managing the Team
  • Managing Individual Performance Issues
  • Providing Feedback 

Outcomes & Certification Eligibility

Successful completion of this workshop will provide participants with:

  • The ability to establish project teams that capitalise on the strengths of its individuals while providing opportunities for personal and professional growth and development
  • Management skills for maintaining optimal performance
  • Tools for supporting the project and its team – preparing and conducting persuasive presentations and interest-based negotiations.

Facilitators of this workshop will use various case studies and scenarios, as well as drawing on the experiences of individuals to provide participants with a highly practical and challenging learning experience.

Course Prerequisites

Generic knowledge of project management disciplines and their practical application would be beneficial

Pre-Course Work

There is no pre-course work for this programme

Course Dates


There are currently no dates scheduled. Please contact us today for future availability.



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