Effective Questioning Techniques

Effective Questioning Techniques

This course is a practical, hands-on guide through a range of tools and techniques for achieving results by asking the right questions the right way.

We will also explore how asking the right questions fits within the greater context of information and data gathering as an activity within the sales process, business analysis, gathering scoping information for a project etc., which means taking a planned and thoughtful approach to getting what you need.

It is based on real life (your own examples wherever possible) and case study scenarios.

Who this course is for

Participants who will gain the most from their particpation in this workshop are:

  • All managers and staff involved at any level in the process(es) of gathering information.

How this course is delivered

Facilitators of this workshop will use a case study and scenario-based delivery approach to provide participants with a ‘hands-on’, multi-faceted and challenging learning experience. It will also draw heavily upon the experiences and challenges of the individual.

Participants will be actively engaged in information gathering and questioning scenarios consistent with a ‘learning by doing’ approach to knowledge assimilation and transfer.

All workshops are able to be customised to suit client requirements, using tailored case studies to better reflect the client’s business operations and typical questioning/information gathering situations.

Tailoring & Customisation

This workshop is able to be customised to suit your requirements, using appropriate and relevant scenarios from your specific workplace/organisation. It may be increased to 2 days upon request, and in collaboration with the client.


A comprehensive participant handbook is provided. Our participants are also entitled to complementary telephone consultation/advice within 60 days of workshop completion. All workshops may be conducted onsite or at our premises, with experienced facilitators providing group and/or individual instruction.

Workshop Content Summary

Self-Assessment: How Skilled are you at Questioning?

  • Gauging your questioning skills

Planning your Approach

  • The importance of a planned approach
  • Steps for planning your approach
  • Determining your purpose
  • Determining the data to be gathered
  • Identifying sources of information
  • Selecting methods and technqiues; commonly used methods and their purpose:
  • Interviews
  • Facilitated workshops
  • Questionnaires and surveys
  • Questioning Types; purpose and drawbacks
  • Executing your Plan

    • Conducting interviews and following up
    • The questioning life cycle
    • Conducting workshops and following up
    • Building rapport
    • Being a good listener
    • The crucial role of active listening within effective questioning:
    • Attending and encouraging listening
    • Reflecting listing
    • Clarifying
    • Strategies for overcoming barriers to communication
    • Beyond questioning; presenting the results
    • Putting it all together.

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