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Lean Six Sigma

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Lean Six Sigma is a management approach to business performance improvement that has blended the two individual specialisms of Lean and Six Sigma.

The focus of Lean is about speed, efficiency and taking waste out of a process. Six Sigma focuses on effectiveness and removal of errors. When combined and implemented properly it can be a powerful management tool that can greatly improve an organisation’s performance, by providing a structured approach to resolving problems. Lean Six Sigma can help you to bring about rapid improvements, whether in a manufacturing or service-based context.

This course will help your organisation achieve the qualitative benefits of Six Sigma, but at a greater speed by applying Lean at the same time.

About this Course


The purpose of the APMG International Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt qualification is to confirm that a participant has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Lean Six Sigma process improvement methodology and practice to be able to work effectively with, or as a member of, a process improvement team working within an environment supporting Lean Six Sigma.

This course will enable participants to:

  • Explain the role of process improvement in enabling an organisation to move closer to World Class Performance
  • Assist in the establishment of an organised work environment to create a solid foundation for further process improvement programmes
  • Employ a range of techniques and quality tools will that help to create a continuous improvement culture
  • Identify the correct way to set up and execute improvement projects
  • Visualize, analyse and improve the logistical flow of processes – making them more stable, predictable and efficient, effective, productive and agile
  • Apply Six Sigma and statistical tools to collect data and to assure a valid and reliable performance measurement system

How this Course is Delivered

Key Topics

World Class Performance

Operational excellence. The history of quality management. The relationship between Lean and Six Sigma.

Process Improvement Deployment

Organisational culture. Change management approaches.

Creating a Solid Foundation

Establishment of good working practices based on an organised and safe work environment, standardised work, and a solid quality management system.

Creating a Continuous Improvement Culture

Focus on proactive problem solving.  Using Kaizen to run small improvement projects. Visualising data using basic quality tools. Management tools used in brainstorming and decision-making.

Project Management

Forming project teams. Process improvement roadmaps. Identifying customers and their requirements.

Creating Stable and Efficient Processes

Visualising and analysing the process flow. Identifying waste and opportunities for improvement. Improving efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. Eliminating waste, overburden and unevenness.

Creating Capable Processes

Focus on minimising variations found in stable processes.

Outcomes and Certification Eligibility


This course includes Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt exam which consists of:

  • 50 multiple choice questions
  • 64% pass mark (32/50)
  • 60 minutes duration
  • Closed book, calculators not permitted

The exam is undertaken on the afternoon of day 2 of this course.

APMG International administers the Lean Six Sigma examination scheme.

Course Prerequisites

Please be aware that pre-course work must be completed prior to the course. Failure to complete pre-course work may mean that you are not ready to fully participate in the course and may limit your ability to gain the outcomes you are hoping to achieve.

Pre-course work will be sent out 2 weeks in advance of the workshop (or at time of booking if booking less than 2 weeks prior to workshop commencement).

Expected pre-course preparation timeframe: 1-2 hours.

Course Dates


There are currently no dates scheduled. Please contact us today for future availability.



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