Project Management Executive Overview Presentation

About this course

There’s a noticeable trend among top organisations – they are moving toward a project-oriented approach to managing their businesses in all areas…

Do you face challenges like these every day?

  • Initiatives are derailed by constantly shifting goals
  • People in other departments won’t commit to deadlines
  • Deadlines and budgets consistently overrun
  • People don’t understand what they have to do
  • It is difficult to communicate and work across functional boundaries

The good news is that by applying project management skills & techniques appropriately, solutions exist to make seemingly impossible challenges possible regardless of the type and size of initiatives or projects.

Who Needs Project Management?

People at all levels benefit from project management knowledge and skill.
If you are responsible for delivering tangible outcomes and work to deadlines, you are running projects.
In this presentation PMPartners will provide an executive overview of project management and explain how these principles can be applied to improve your business.

Who this course is for

Organisations and departments that employ people delivering tangible outcomes and work to deadlines.

How this course is delivered

Workshop Objective

By the end of this presentation you will have an understanding of:

  • The importance of project management in today’s organisation
  • The benefits of a project management approach
  • Why project management principles apply to all initiatives & projects regardless of business type
  • How to define & measure successful projects & initiatives
  • Project management principles
  • How organisational & personal improvement can be sustained
  • How organisations have benefited from product marketing to service departments

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