Scrum Master Certified (SMC™) Course

Scrum Master Certified (SMC™)

PM-Partners group Scrum Master Certified course is a collaborative learning experience, including round tables, group discussions, team activities and role-plays. This workshop also prepares candidates for Scrum Master Certification (SMC™) examination.

About this course

Course Objective

  • To assist participants in taking up the role of Scrum Master.
  • To gain an overview of the Agile principles – the Agile Manifesto.
  • To gain an understanding of how Scrum differs from traditional project management methods.
  • Gain an understanding of Scrum core team roles and how they interface with non-core team roles.
  • Learn how to conduct effective Scrum planning meetings to set the foundation for successful Sprints.
  • Learn the importance of conducting effective Daily Stand-ups.
  • Appreciate the importance of time-boxed meetings / activities.
  • Learn how to facilitate and understand the benefits of the Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective Meetings.
  • Learn the importance of transparency through artefacts, meetings and information radiators such as Burndown Charts and Scrumboards.
  • Learn how to scale Scrum in programs and portfolios.
  • Learn tips on how to transition your organisation to Scrum.
  • Prepare participants for Scrum Master Certified certification exam.

How this course is delivered

Course Content Summary

  • Agile values and principles
  • The 6 Scrum principles
  • The 5 Scrum aspects
  • Scrum core team roles – scrum master, product owner, scrum team member
  • Scrum non-core roles
  • Scrum project phases and processes
  • Scrum artefacts and tools
  • The prioritised product backlog
  • Sprint planning
  • Definition of ‘done’ and acceptance criteria
  • Scrum sprints
  • Daily stand-ups and scrum of scrums
  • Sprint review and retrospective
  • Scaling Scrum
  • Exam format and timings, practice questions

Outcomes & Certification

Learning Outcomes

  • Able to explain the Agile method and how Scrum relates to Agile.
  • Able to explain how Scrum differs from traditional Project Management methods.
  • Able to explain the 6 principles and 5 aspects of that underpin a Scrum project and how they apply throughout the life of a project.
  • Able to understanding the responsibilities of core and non-core team roles.
  • Able to work effectively as a Scrum Master by having an in-depth understanding of the role and tools and techniques used.
  • Able to facilitate effective Scrum meetings – Sprint Planning Meeting, Daily Stand-ups, Sprint Review and Retrospective Meetings.
  • Able to use information radiators such as Burndown Charts and Scrumboards for effective risk management and decision making.

Examination & Certification

The Scrum Master Certified (SMC™) Certification exam is a 2 hour online multiple-choice exam to be undertaken within 6 months after completing the 2 day training course. The exams are administered by SCRUMStudy. The cost of the exam is included in the course fee.

Scrum Master Certified Assessment Details:

  • All candidates should have completed their pre-course work
  • Attended the Scrum Master Certified workshop
  • Be familiar with Scrum’s Principles, Aspects and Processes
  • After completing your workshop with PM-Partners group we recommend you schedule and take your exam at your earliest convenience

Online Assessment / Exam Details:

  • 2 hour exam
  • 100 multiple choice questions
  • No negative marks for wrong answers
  • Proctored online exam
  • Current pass rate: 95%
  • Cost of exams included in your PM-Partners course fee
  • 2 free retakes are included in your fee

Certification Details:

  • 40 re-certification units are required every 2 years
  • You will be emailed a copy of your certificate on successful completion of the exam

For further information on the certification process, please contact us.

Course Prerequisites


There are no pre-requisites. We do request that participants complete their pre-course work.

Course Dates


There are currently no dates scheduled. Please contact us today for future availability.



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