Team Assessment Workshop

About this course

This unique workshop has been designed to leverage two globally recognised toolsets – StrengthsFinder® from Gallup Inc and the Team Diagnostic™ from Team Coaching International – providing an insightful view to teams, assessing both individual team member strengths and the team climate as a whole. 

“Most people think they know what they are good at. They are usually wrong…And yet, a person can perform only from strength”



Gallup has been researching for decades the link between employees using their natural talents and the positive impact it has on engagement. They have proven that when employees understand their natural talents, develop them into strengths and are provided the opportunity to do what they do best every day, the positive impact on project teams and individuals is magnified. Sadly, most people aren’t able to accurately pinpoint their own strengths and therefore can’t deliberately apply them. The StrengthsFinder® Assessment has been used by 10 million people worldwide to help identify their strengths.

Team Diagnostic™

The Team Diagnostic™ is a unique approach to working with teams as it regards the team as a dynamic “system”. It explores the team’s needs independent of any single member and shifts the attention and work to the team itself. The model defines seven productivity factors and seven positivity factors. These factors and increasingly detailed layers of the report provide a complete picture for creating high-performing teams.

Workshop Objective 

This workshop will enable you and your teams to discover their unique talents and harness the power of each team member’s unique strengths to enhance project delivery.
Using StrengthsFinder® and Team Diagnostics™, Project Teams, Managers and Team Members are provided the self-awareness and insights they need to achieve greate rperformance and outcomes by:

  • Enabling teams and individuals to discover, develop and apply their unique talents to lift team engagement and increase productivity
  • Help teams understand and maximise their talents to achieve better results and reach their personal and team goals
  • A new holistic mindset that combines individual and team perspectives to view the team as a living and dynamic system

Who this course is for

  • Applies to all project participants, regardless of the positions they hold
  • Program Managers, Project Managers, Team Leaders, Business Analysts, Stakeholders, Sponsors
  • Applicable to individuals and teams

How this course is delivered

All workshops may be conducted onsite or at our premises, with experienced facilitators providing group and/or individual instruction. Training is provided through hands-on learning, relevant exercises and the provision of a participant handbook containing training materials, tools, templates and checklists, ready for use on your next project.

Our participants are also entitled to complimentary telephone consultation/advice within 60 days of workshop completion.


Assessment of competence is established by observation of contribution and participation during case study exercises and group discussion.
Follow-up assignments are not part of this workshop offering, but may be estimated, designed and conducted upon request.

Customisation Options

Additional day/s covering a greater depth in one or more of the modules covered (see Workshop Content Summary overleaf) or more advanced aspects of interpersonal skills for project managers. Examples include:

  • Coaching and Mentoring for Project Managers
  • Conflict Management
  • Requirements Gathering Facilitation
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Critical Situation Management

Other options available upon request

This workshop can be cost effectively customised to your business environment using an appropriate project scenario from your workplace.

Workshop Content Summary

  • Pre-Work: complete the StrengthsFinder® and Team Diagnostics™ online assessments
  • Overview and case for StrengthsFinder®
  • Understand and apply your Strengths report
  • Overview of Team Diagnostic™ model
  • Revealing the Team Diagnostic™ results
  • Team Strengths Profile
  • Team Optimisation Plan

Outcomes & Certification Eligibility

On completion of this workshop, participants will receive a comprehensive self and team assessment that includes:

  • Individual Strengths Report built around the 34 Strength Themes
  • Strengths Based Action Planning tool
  • Comprehensive Team Diagnostic Assessment
  • Individual and Team action plan
  • Follow up diagnostic assessment (6-9 months later)

Course Prerequisites

Pre-Course Work

Complete the Team Diagnostic Online Assessment

Course Dates


There are currently no dates scheduled. Please contact us today for future availability.



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