Vendor & Supplier Management Course

Vendor & Supplier Management

A large number of organisations in-source and outsource key functions. The ultimate success is based on the quality of service provided,and on the ability to continually improve vendor performance

About this course

This course has been designed to equip participants with the skills and techniques required to establish more successful commercial relationships with vendors who provide the products and services required to successfully deliver an organisation’s programs and projects.

This course offers a systematic approach to the end-to-end processes of sourcing, selecting and managing vendors in programs and projects. It follows the best practices described in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide).

Course Objective

This course is about:

  • Establishing a context for vendor management within procurement
  • Establishing an understanding of the Procurement Life Cycle
  • Identifying procurement requirements in projects
  • Exploring types of commercial relationships
  • Evaluating, selecting and monitoring suppliers
  • Understanding the basics of a contract
  • Managing the ongoing contract
  • Negotiating with vendors
  • Final acceptance and administrative closure

How this course is delivered

Materials & Support

A comprehensive participant handbook is provided, which includes a set of completed sample project management documents.

Course Content Summary

Introduction to Procurement

  • Why organisations procure goods and services
  • Definition of Procurement, and how it fits into the Project Life Cycle
  • Types of supplier relationships
  • Supplier relationship models
  • Roles and accountabilities of procurement and project professionals

The Procurement Management Life Cycle

  • Procurement Planning Phase overview and activities
  • Determining procurement management requirements
    • Conducting the make-or-buy analysis
    • Weighing cost against benefit (cost-benefit analysis)
    • Identifying and quantifying benefits
  • Risk Management for Vendor/Supplier Relationships
  • Developing procurement Statements of Work
  • Options for gathering required information (EOI, RFP, RFT, ITR)
  • Developing assessment criteria
  • Creating a tender evaluation plan
  • Selecting the right contract type
  • Developing a Contract Management Plan

Conduct Procurements

  • Conduct Procurements Phase overview and activities
  • Principles of tender evaluation
  • Obtaining and evaluating tender responses
  • Selecting and engaging vendors
  • Designing the right contract
    • Contracts and Australian law
    • Elements of a contract
    • Contracts types
  • Negotiating the contract
  • Establishing performance standards and measures

Administer Procurements

  • Administer Procurements Phase overview and activities
  • Managing the Vendor Relationship
  • Designing a Relationship Management Plan
  • Measuring and monitoring vendor performance
  • Managing risk

Close Procurements

  • Close Procurements Phase overview and activities
  • Assessing success
  • Conducting final testing, acceptance and handover
  • Reviewing the contract
  • Identifying and documenting lessons learned

Outcomes & Certification Eligibility

Development Units

Participants who have been awarded the Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential by the Project Management Institute (PMI)® are eligible to earn 14 PDUs for their participation in this course (8 Technical, 5 Strategic and Business Management, 1 Leadership).

Participants holding any of the Project Management accreditations (CPPP/ CPPM/CPPD) are eligible to earn 20 CPDs for this short course.

Course Prerequisites


In order to derive the greatest benefit from participation in this workshop, participants should be involved in engaging and/or managing vendors.

Course Dates


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