We rapidly mobilise your PMO and run it for you. Agility, accountability and performance on a fixed monthly fee.

We work across a broad range of industry sectors and can provide support during peaks of work, or run entire PMOs, programmes and projects for you on a fixed monthly fee. This service is built on over two decades of delivery experience to alleviate the usual challenges of setting up, expanding or running project environments.

There are 3 options to quickly setting up a PMO:

OPTION 1: Use internal staff and develop their skills

It takes a long time to mature a capability if it doesn’t already exist and difficult when it’s not the organisation’s priority; and if your PMO is set up specifically for a programme you will need to disband it at some point.

OPTION 2: Hire independent contractors

This is often expensive; difficult to find the right skills and can be slow and hard to get independent contractors to perform as a team; you also still have the procurement, contractual and HR issues to deal with. How do you know if the right/latest techniques/learnings are being used and who is the single point of accountability?

OPTION 3: Engage our PMO as a Service and take advantage of what a PMO can offer and remove the hassle

  • A single point of accountability and experts in the service being delivered
  • You engage a partner that evolves with you and responds at your pace, with the latest tools and techniques ready to go or adapt – so you don’t have to start from scratch
  • You have access to a range of services and over 350 people that deliver Projects, Programmes and PMOs as a profession. There is always advice, support and help at hand
  • The right people at the right time without carrying headcount, so you obtain the ability to flex and adapt, and scale the service up or down
  • A predictable service and cost base
  • Enabling Business Agility in your delivery model and your operational cost structure

Our Iterative Approach:


Discover – Mobilise – Run – Adapt

The managed service starts with a brief diagnostic and review of your current environment and needs to determine strategic alignment, challenges, optimal workforce structure, priorities and focus. The outcome produces a useful maturity benchmark for your future reference.


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