EIP – a New Formula for Transformation Delivery

EIP – a New Formula for Transformation Delivery

Insights | 02 August 2017

Transformational leaders share common characteristics, but the most effective transformational leaders are alike in one crucial way – they all have a high degree of what has come to be known as Emotional Intelligence (EI). We’ll get to EIP in a minute.

Without EI a leader can have the best training in the world, an incisive, analytical mind, and an endless supply of smart ideas, but he/she won’t be a great leader.

The EI of a transformational leader can significantly shape an organisation’s culture and practice, leading a company to a clear vision and outstanding performance.


Let’s concentrate on the EI skill and how a leader’s ability to create transformational change is predicted by his/her ability to influence, inspire and give individual consideration to others.

EI is the ultimate integration of soft skills and technical skills. You can use your EI to make the best judgement calls for the team and to communicate effectively. This skill alone can multiply the capacity of an organisation to deliver transformations given the complex stakeholder mixes that exist in organisations today.

Most transformation efforts consist of profound and radical change that takes an organisation in a new direction. Transformations require strong governance up to Board level, steering committees, transformation management offices and external stakeholders impacted by the transformation effort. Within this framework, the ability to manage stakeholders becomes a key enabler in the delivery of the transformation effort.

EI is now a critical skill in transformation delivery effort.


Implementing transformation in an organisation requires strong leadership, governance and program integration. Strong practitioner (P) skills are required to pull together a transformation program with a range of proven strategies to develop and implement programs, while simultaneously managing program teams effectively.

The strong practitioner can provide the unique in-depth knowledge and understanding necessary to apply the right project management methodologies to the transformation effort.

Practitioners provide the underpinning methodologies to deliver transformation within the right framework.

EI x P

Organisations that are transforming require the aim to be simple and direct. The transformational leader must direct all effort in the organisation to achieve the transformation aim. A key component of the transformation delivery is to harness the right resources to achieve success.

PM-Partners group’s purpose is to achieve success for our clients. As organisations build business cases to transform their organisations and start to develop the structure to deliver, it will be an imperative to spend considered time in the selection of the Sponsor and Program Director.

We provide a simple formula for you to consider in the selection of your key people. A person with high Emotional Intelligence (EI) and strong Practitioner (P) or EIP skills will provide the organisation the best chance to deliver your transformation outcomes.

                                                          EI x P = Better Transformation Outcomes

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