Change Management™

One of the challenges facing organisations today is how to modify the business through regular change initiatives, with minimum disruption and maximum gain. Professionals need to supplement traditional project and business management skills with skills in change leadership.

About this Course

This course is ideal for individuals involved in change management who are committed to overcoming the common roadblocks typically affiliated with implementing change. With a focus on stakeholder engagement, this workshop equips participants with a greater understanding of implications of change to individuals, and thus a deeper understanding of how to facilitate successful strategies.

Foundation Course:

This course prepares candidates for the APMG Change Management Foundation certification exam, which is held on the afternoon of the 3 day workshop.

Course Objective

This course is about providing an understanding of:

  • How individuals are impacted by change and be able to develop strategies to help people through change
  • How organisations work, organisational culture and the models and processes of change
  • The drivers of change, the change governance structures typically used in organisations and how to define a change vision
  • How to prepare people for change and support their learning and motivation to change
  • The stakeholder engagement process and how to develop suitable communications strategies and plans
  • The impact of change on organisations, how to build momentum for change and sustain it
  • The importance of defined change roles, and how to build and support an effective change team
  • This workshop also includes review, consolidation of concepts and exam questions for the Foundation level certification, and the Foundation exam is held on the afternoon of day 3.

Practitioner Course:

This course prepares candidates for the APMG Change Management Practitioner certification exam, which is held on the afternoon of the 2 day workshop.

Course Objective

This course builds on the 3 day Change Management Foundation course and prepares candidates for the APMG Change Management Practitioner certification exam, which is held in the afternoon and focuses on enabling participants to start applying change management approaches and techniques to a real change initiative.

How this course is delivered

Foundation Course:

Course Content Summary

  • The Change Management Context
  • Change and the Individual
  • Change and the Organisation
  • Stakeholder Strategy
  • Communication and Engagement
  • Change Impact
  • Change Readiness
  • The Change Team
  • Effective Teams and Team Development
  • Preparing for Resistance

Practitioner Course:

Course Content Summary

  • Project Management – change initiatives, projects and programmes
  • Sustaining Change
    – Change levers
    – Levels of adoption
    – Reinforcing systems
  • Review of Practitioner examination format
  • Practice Practitioner examination questions

Outcomes & Certification Eligibility

Foundation Course:

Examination & Certification

The purpose of the Foundation certification is to confirm that a participant has sufficient knowledge and understanding of Change Management to work as an informed member of a team working on an organisational change initiative.

The Foundation certification is also a pre-requisite for the Practitioner certification. The course includes the Foundation Examination which consists of:

  • Multiple choice format (closed book)
  • 50 multiple choice questions
  • 50% pass mark (25/50)
  • 40 minutes duration

Practitioner Course:

Examination & Certification

The Practitioner exam tests whether a candidate knows how to apply the change management approaches and techniques to the management of change within their organisation.

The course includes the Practitioner Examination which consists of:

  • Objective testing format
  • 4 questions per paper (20 marks/question)
  • 50% pass mark (40/80)
  • 2 ½ hours duration
  • Open book exam (Effective Change Manager’s Handbook only).

APMG International administers the Change Management examination schemes.

Course Prerequisites

Foundation Course:

There are no pre-requisites for the Change Management Foundation course.

Practitioner Course:

A pass in the Change Management Foundation Examination (25 or more out of 50)

Course Dates


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Change Management™ Foundation and Practitioner Certificate Course
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