Improving Project Practices

Improving Project Practices

Insights | 05 February 2013

Continuous improvement is intrinsic to the constantly evolving nature of the PMO, yet this can lead to numerous issues within existing organisational structures. PMOs that manage their evolution through small and steady change are in the best position overall.

20% of PMOs still class themselves as being in the early development phase of implementation. This means that their focus is on delivering improved capability, visibility and consistent methodologies.

It is within this phase that there is a large emphasis on specific ‘value add’ improvements in the areas that are causing the most difficulty within the organisation and preventing the achievement of successful outcomes.

Focus your efforts on small, incremental changes

The nature of the PMO means that they must be constantly looking for ways to improve both themselves and the organisation as a whole, evolving and adapting to the changing needs of the business to ensure that best practices are being maintained at all times.

“While this can be difficult to achieve for a relatively young PMO, small, incremental changes are an effective way to maintain best practice without ‘shaking up’ existing organisational structures. The business must walk before you make it run,” says Pete Swan, Director of PM-Partners group.

The 2012/13 Project Management Office (PMO) Survey conducted by PM-Partners group showed that over 82% of PMOs established for more than 10 years were openly committed to continuous and incremental improvements.

Measuring Improvement

“Our research and client experience indicates that the key to continuous improvement lies in the discipline of tracking, measurement and business alignment. This ensures that the value of the PMO can be reported on and clearly understood by key stakeholders in the business during every stage on the PMO’s path to maturity” Pete Swan, Director of PM-Partners group.

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