iPlanware Overview

iPlanWare helps organisations improve their project and resource management. Using our on demand project management system organisations can select, staff and manage their projects and optimise resource usage. Executives get a 360 degree view of an organisation’s work and managers get insight into project execution and resourcing. iPlanWare helps employees collaborate and reduces the complexity of managing teams and projects.

The iPlanWare project management software can be rolled out in days, is easy to use, adapts to the way you work and can be used in any industry sector. iPlanWare is a compelling investment for organisations that want the benefits of project management software without the complexity.

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Why iPlanWare – The Benefits
Different people have different needs. From executives trying to align projects with corporate objectives, managers driving efficiencies to resources collaborating, the iPlanWare solution will help you work smarter.

Customers and Sectors
iPlanWare is used by some of the most innovative organisations in the world to run their projects and project management offices (PMO). Our web-based platform quickly delivers productivity gains.

Why Online Project Management Software
iPlanWare eliminates the cost and problems associated with typical PPM and project management solutions. Our software is easy to set up, feature rich, connects to your existing software and will give you value in weeks.

Pricing and Edition Comparison
Two product editions are available – the right edition for you depends on the size of your team and the features you need. The solution is available as a SaaS (online hosted software) or on premises offering (installed).