What are the key traits of a Good Project Manager?

What are the key traits of a Good Project Manager?

Insights | 16 June 2010

We have determined a little bible on the key features that must be celebrated about project managers. Although possibly underrated, sometimes the simplest means are the best. The ability of a project manager to ask the hard questions, to detect unstated assumptions and to resolve interpersonal conflicts are some of the simplest and most valuable contributions that any manager can make.

The perfect project manager must also have an innate understanding of risk management. She will find risks before they adversely affect a project, and will encourage communication between stakeholders involved to snub crises before they occur.

The project, and its successful delivery in a timely manner, should be the number one priority of a project manager. Juggling this with respect for tight deadlines and stressed staff, means that the project manager must form the project in such a way to accommodate for setbacks and to retain good feeling and the well-being of the workers directly involved with the project. Through effective planning and delegation, the project manager will manage any human crisis before it occurs, ensuring a happy team that will voluntarily put themselves forward to work in projects again in the future.

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