Why Do You Need An Effective Assurance Framework

Why Do You Need An Effective Assurance Framework

Insights | 08 July 2013

The value of a comprehensive Assurance Framework seems to be vastly underestimated by many, yet experience proves time and time again that, if managed and conducted appropriately, health-checks, PIR’s and other QA related activities has proven to reduce overall portfolio costs significantly over time. PM-Partners group have investment examples and proof of significant savings from health checks completed. *

Many organisations regularly conduct PIR’s as part of the project closeout process however; these are generally conducted by internal resources that can be constrained by internal politics. Learning’s from such reviews rarely see the light of day and, in general, quickly gather dust.

The annual investment of implementing an Assurance Framework can be easily justified when the benefits in savings easily outweigh the costs, when conducting an objective and independent review on a single project or program.

For example, by using an Assurance Framework you can identify if your company consistently underestimates program complexity in the earlier stages of the program lifecycle. Once identified, the program initiation process can be quickly and easily adapted to produce immediate results. On one program health check we identified $4million of over scoped items that added no real benefit to the organisation. Consequently following a re-scoping exercise we were able to reduce significant cost, resource burden and ensured the product was able to move forward, positioned for success.

“Sometimes you can’t mark your own homework.” Pete Swan, Director PM-Partners group.

Can you afford to keep going without an effective Assurance Program?

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