The Next Generation PMO

The Next Generation PMO

Insights | 20 June 2013

A Project Management Institute (PMI) and CIO study found that of 750 organisations researched worldwide, over 75% of organisations that had set up a PMO shut it down because it did not demonstrate any added value.

With the pace of change and volatility, organisations are under increasing pressure to not only sustain viability but to grow to survive. Some of the biggest demands are:

  • legal, regularity and compliance requirements
  • fixing internal business problems to create efficiencies, reduce costs and increase profitability
  • responding to changing market demand, environmental and political factors
  • gaining competitive advantage with product to market time frames

Key to successfully managing multiple projects is the Project or Programme Management Office (PMO). The next generation PMO now looks to evolve its capabilities to support and align itself to the business to achieve strategic objectives.

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