What does the Project Management Essentials online course contain?

Project management has become an integral part of business life. Organisations of all sizes, across all industries, are keen to engage skilled project managers that can help their organisation reap the benefits that a successfully delivered project offers.

The PM Essentials module provides an excellent introduction to project management with an insight into a range of concepts and techniques that will help you effectively and successfully manage projects.

This interactive course will help you contextualise concepts introduced using fictitious scenarios and will prompt you to put into practice knowledge and skills gained by applying these concepts to a real life project of your choice.


By the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Clearly define key characteristics of a project and differentiate between a project and regular work
  • Appreciate the benefit of projects and project management in an organisation
  • Understand projects and project management in an organisational context
  • Articulate the key responsibilities of a project manager and identify other roles required for a successful project
  • Understand fundamental project management concepts, tools and techniques
  • Develop a project scoping guide
  • Understand the options available for becoming a professionally qualified Project Manager

We are able to customise this course with your own branding, settings, users and content library. For more information on how to customize this course please view our online demo video.

Target Audience

Target audience:

  • Aspiring Project Managers who wish to develop, or confirm, their understanding of key project management principles, practices and techniques
  • Managers and team members who wish to gain an overview of project management so they can fully support the Project Manager and contribute effectively to the project

Level: Introductory

Prerequisite: None

Estimated time to complete: 3 hours (including activities)

Why Project Management Essentials Online self-study?

  • Provides flexibility for those wishing to study at a time, pace and place convenient to them
  • A flexible choice of different self-study options, including a blended-learning package combining self-study with a classroom based revision day.
  • A cost-effective solution for both individuals and organisations
  • Online learning gives you the freedom to access from any location

Technical Requirements

Minimum requirements for PC

This LMS supports most modern browsers, in particular Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera. Other browsers and older version of these browsers, may work, but we recommend using one of these.

Your browser needs to have cookies and JavaScript enabled. The LMS doesn’t require any plug-ins or the downloading of any Active-X components. Internet Explorer users need to permit Active-X execution, as the LMS uses the XML-HTTP component and Internet Explorer supplies this using a built in Active-X control.

It is recommended that you use the navigation tools offered within the LMS interface rather than your browser’s navigation buttons to move around.

You can only have one learning activity active at a time: if you open additional learning activities in a new window or tab (using your browser functions), the previous activity will be de-activated.


Demo Video

We are able to customise this course with your own branding, settings, users and content library. For more information on how to customize this course please view our online demo video below.


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