P3O® 2013 Guide – What’s new?

P3O® 2013 Guide – What’s new?

Insights | 23 October 2013

The 2013 edition of Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O®) guide has been released. The Guide builds upon the solid foundations that were set 5 years ago and has been positioned as an update rather than a major refresh.

Here we recap on what P3O is, what the new guide has to offer and an update on accreditations.

One thing is for certain, PMOs are here to stay.

Despite restructures, decentralisation or centralisation trends, along with global economic changes, there is a need to build and improve project delivery services and to help drive business change from a strategic perspective. Enter the PMO – or Project Office, Virtual PMO, Strategic Initiatives Office, Value Management Office, Project Innovation Office, Office of Strategy Management; otherwise referred to as P3O.

“P3O is universally applicable guidance to help organizations build the necessary support structures that enable the successful delivery of their portfolios of change programmes and projects”.

Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices 2013

What does the P3O Guide Cover?

The guide provides a platform of knowledge to help bridge the gap between the strategy/policy-makers and the delivery (projects) arm of an organization. It addresses:

  • The P3O value proposition – how do P3Os add value?
  • Building a Business Case for a P3O
  • Types/models of P3Os, including guidance on P3O scoping and adoption
  • Functions and services carried out within the P3O structure
  • Key roles and responsibilities within the P3O structure
  • Tools and techniques that can be employed within P3Os
  • Successful implementation, re-energization and operation of P3Os

What’s new in P3O 2013?

The latest edition of the P3O guide is an update of the 2008 edition, incorporating changes via the Best Management Practice change control system and a user survey. In essence, it builds upon the original edition, clarifying and providing consistency of terminology whilst reflecting the need for continuous improvement. Specific updates include:

  • The guidance in the P3O manual has been updated to be more consistent with that in the MSP®, MoP® and MoV® manuals.
  • The terminology in PSO has been updated for consistency with AXELOS’s other portfolio, programme and project management methodologies.
  • A new small-scale adoption case study has been added to aid small organisation adoption of P3O.
  • Advice and guidance on key performance indicators has been revised.
  • Model component definitions have been updated and revised.

P3O 2013 Accreditation Update:

The P3O 2013 Foundation exam is conducted over the course of 1 hour, 75 multiple choice exam (5 questions are under trial and do not count to the final score). The pass mark is 35/70 (50%).

The P3O 2013 Practitioner exam is a 2.5 hour exam, consisting of 4 questions with 20 lines each. The pass mark is 40/80 (50%). The practitioner exam is an open (P3O Guide only) book exam.

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