Planview Overview

A proven solution that delivers real business impact

Our undisputed market leadership, close partnership with our customers, and 20 years of innovation, led to the industry’s only true end-to-end portfolio management solution.

Planview Enterprise

Planview Enterprise is a comprehensive planning and execution platform that empowers you to effectively balance your strategy with your most valuable resources: your people and your money. By providing critical insights into the full portfolio of projects, products, and services across the enterprise, it empowers you to:

  • Maximize opportunity by balancing strategy with people and money
  • Differentiate and build competitive advantage by driving innovation
  • Create an agile, efficient, and unified organization
  • Establish metrics to measure value

Planview Enterprise combines integrated portfolio management with real-time analytics and reporting and automated process management. Working together, these capabilities give you improved visibility, fewer redundancies, increased efficiency, and the ability to focus limited resources on the highest-value work.

The result is a powerful, proven-effective way to:

  • Fully align strategies, resource capacities, and funding
  • Gain better control of projects and resource assignments
  • Capture and manage the total cost of delivering services to the business
  • Establish a roadmap that delivers the optimal product portfolio

Planview Enterprise Product Line

Planview Enterprise – Enterprise Portfolio Management synchronizes top-down planning with bottom-up execution. It empowers you to collaborate on and codify your operational plan, driving strategic priorities through project execution, enabling you to efficiently allocate and dynamically manage money and resources.

Planview Enterprise – Product Portfolio Management provides a collaborative decision-making framework for determining the ideal, strategically-aligned mix of new products and enhancements to current products and for tracking and adjusting resources and costs.

Planview Enterprise Ideation Management gives product and IT organizations a true view of customer needs by helping them generate and evaluate ideas from every internal and external customer, and then shorten the time to delivery of winning ideas within the optimal product and feature mix with efficient, consistent execution through sound portfolio analysis, capacity planning, and project and resource management.

Planview Enterprise – Service Portfolio Management captures and manages the true cost of services, optimizes applications, standardizes the delivery of business services, and drives ITIL compliance with service delivery best practices.

Planview Enterprise Insight Analytics extends the rich portfolio management data in Planview Enterprise throughout the organization, delivering vital business information and interactive analytics to every desktop to accelerate and improve the quality of business-critical decisions. It is delivered through the interactive Analytics and Reporting Portal, which unifies Insight Analytics with Business Objects reports and Charts and Dashboards and puts them all just a mouse-click away.

Speed Planview Enterprise Adoption

Supporting Planview Enterprise is the Planview PRISMS enablement line, accessible through the portal. Its Best Practices Library optimizes business management and performance with a vast Best Practices Library. PRISMS Process Maps provide process- and role-specific templates and documents to enable you to deliver process maturity improvements and realize benefits faster. And PRISMS Education is a comprehensive approach for fast adoption across your organization. Taken together, the Planview PRISMS offerings help you efficiently and effectively implement your portfolio management solution and achieve rapid ROI on your Planview investment.

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