PM-Partners Flying High with Qantas

PM-Partners Flying High with Qantas

Insights | 17 July 2014


Please allow us to reintroduce ourselves. No, it’s not just a vanity project. The objective of our brand spanking new advertising campaign, soon to be seen in Qantas’ in-flight magazine, is to inform both existing and prospective clients about our scope of operations: many know us as a training organisation, but it seems fewer are aware of the depth of our expertise in running successful projects, programmes and PMOs. Yet, if there’s one name reliably associated with best practice projects, programmes and PMOs, it’s PM-Partners.


But what sets PM-Partners apart? Simple. Like you, we are results focused. And we recognise there’s more to running a project than the project itself. A project doesn’t exist in a vacuum, but in the context of the people engaged with it, as well as the broader context of your business. PM-Partners gets that. And factors it in.


We don’t want to be laying awake at night, worrying about a project, any more than you do, so we build in safeguards, checks and balances to every project with which we are involved: prevention is better than cure, so our projects are, if anything, effective and efficient. And, needless to say, that includes value for money, because the twenty-first century is all about doing more, with less, right? And while modern business is all about quantum leaps, brilliant strategies and breakthrough solutions, they’re nothing without solid execution, alignment and transformation of ideas into realities.


PM-Partners believes in one overarching, self-evident truth: business success (yours and ours) relies on project success. So, we help our clients get better results from their projects, programmes and PMOs, by applying maximum flexibility to delivery, based on well over 18 years’ experience.

Further assurance comes from the support offered by our experienced service delivery managers, who provide objective oversight and advice. In cost-efficiency terms, the benefits are clear: additional capability; scalability; accountability. PM-Partners can provide end-to-end accountability in managing your project, programme or PMO: you tell us the problem, we’ll provide the solution; on time & budget. Surety of outcomes. Less cost. Risk minimisation.

‘OK, sounds good’, you say. ‘But what, precisely, can PM-Partners do for me?’ Well, for starters, PM-Partners can offer an extended project workforce: whether you merely wish to extend your team, engage a full, pre-inducted, project-ready workforce or plug-in a managed PMO, staffed by highly-experienced, qualified people.

Of course, it’s not just a matter of supplying people, but the right people.

You may want experienced and qualified people, but to work with your team, under your management. If that’s the case, PM-Partners can provide project resourcing and even help manage transition and assimilation of our people with your people. The benefit is immediate correction of any challenges before they impact your project, helping ensure its successful delivery.


PM-Partners is also a one-stop shop for specialist advice, expertise, guidance and support, whether you’re looking to develop, assess or improve your project, programme, portfolio management or PMO practices. And if it’s a PMO you’re concerned about, PM-Partners can design, review or develop it, as needed.

PM-Partners can provide consultancy to enhance processes and systems; project health checks, assurance & governance; methodologies; enterprise project management & portfolio management systems; project, programme and PMO alignment to specific business objectives, all too often lacking, lagging or completely overlooked.


Since 1996, the PM-Partners group has helped literally thousands of organisations and individuals achieve their professional development and certification goals. In fact, the PM-Partners group is Australia’s most highly-accredited project management specialist. PM-Partners educates and certifies over nine-thousand five-hundred professionals each and every year and provides courses in project management; programme management; portfolio management; PMO & business analysis.

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