Having it all: Agile and PRINCE2®

Having it all: Agile and PRINCE2®

Insights | 25 September 2015

Is it really possible to take a structured project management method like PRINCE2 and apply it successfully in an agile context?
Can we really have the best of both worlds?

AXELOS’ latest publication, PRINCE2 Agile™ provides guidance for current and aspiring PRINCE2 project managers to facilitate successful projects in an agile context. It is all about blending and optimising the best elements from the two approaches.

‘PRINCE2 Agile describes how to configure and tune PRINCE2 so that PRINCE2 can be used in the most effective way when combining it with agile behaviours, concepts, frameworks and techniques’.

PRINCE2 Agile™, AXELOS, 2015

So what does PRINCE2 Agile really offer?

PRINCE2 Agile™ is a pragmatic guidance which addresses:

  1. Tailoring, not discarding, the PRINCE2 elements (principles, themes and processes) for an agile environment
  2. Mapping common agile roles to the PRINCE2 project management team roles
  3. Incorporating the fundamental agile behaviours, concepts, and techniques
  4. Providing detailed guidance on areas of particular focus in an agile context:
    • The Agilometer – assessing agile suitability
    • Requirements
    • Rich communications
    • Frequent release
    • Contracts

Who will PRINCE2 Agile benefit?

As PRINCE2 Agile provides guidance for tailoring PRINCE2 to operate in the most effective way in an agile world, it is primarily aimed at:

  • PRINCE2 organisations and people wanting to integrate and adopt agile ways
  • PRINCE2 organisations encountering other organisations using agile approaches
  • PRINCE2 organisations already practising agile ways

PRINCE2 Agile will also be of interest to those organisations who have agile experience and are looking to adopt an industry standard in project management.

What agile approaches will work with PRINCE2 Agile?

In effect, PRINCE2 Agile is agile agnostic; it does not favour one agile way over another. PRINCE2 Agile can engage with agile in all forms from Adaptive Software Development (ASD) to eXtreme Programming (XP) and everything in between: including DSDM, Kanban, Lean Startup, SAFe, and Scrum.

PRINCE2 Agile™ is not only for IT related projects – it can be applied in any sector or industry, regardless of type, size and complexity of project.

PRINCE2 is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited
PRINCE2 Agile is a trade mark of AXELOS Limited
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