PRINCE2® gone Agile – Is it Possible?

PRINCE2® gone Agile – Is it Possible?

Insights | 09 June 2015

Combining Control with Agility

Nowadays it appears that you are not a true project manager unless you have ‘agile’ on your resume. And, more and more I am being asked: How do PRINCE2 and agile fit together? Can they work together? Or as some suggest, are they mutually exclusive?

So let’s do a quick review of both of these contenders and how they stack up individually and together.

PRINCE2: The Facts

PRINCE2 can trace its origins back to 1975; the acronym PRINCE (Projects IN Controlled Environments) came into existence in 1996. PRINCE2 is often quoted as the defacto standard for managing projects and is viewed internationally as the most recognised project management methodology. It provides common project management terminology regardless of sector, industry, or size, complexity, nature and value of project.

PRINCE2 is a structured approach, applying appropriate levels of control and is proven to be a methodology that works repeatedly, enabling successful project delivery.

Agile: The Facts

The Agile Manifesto in 2001 was a pivotal point in the agile movement. Agile is in effect a broad umbrella term that covers many concepts such as Scrum, Kanban, XP, user stories, daily stand-ups, timeboxing and sprints. It is viewed as a collaborative ethos with rich communication, and offers a set of techniques.

Agile is an incremental method of managing the design and build activities typically for engineering, information technology and new product or service development projects in a highly flexible and interactive manner. It focuses on meeting current customer needs, delivering with minimal costs, waste and time. Agile methods are often cited as enabling companies to achieve bottom line gains earlier than via traditional approaches.

Can you combine the Controls of PRINCE2 and the Agility of Agile?

That is exactly what PRINCE2 Agile® seeks to do. PRINCE2 Agile supports organisations and individuals who are using PRINCE2 and wish to extend their knowledge and understanding of Agile. PRINCE2 Agile is about applying agile concepts within existing (PRINCE2) project management environments.

PRINCE2 Agile: The Facts

PRINCE2 Agile is the only agile project framework which covers the full spectrum of agile, with the inclusion of SCRUM, Kanban, Cynefin and Lean Startup. Unlike other agile project management methodologies, PRINCE2 Agile explains how they work and how to incorporate them into a project environment. PRINCE2 Agile focusses on 4 key areas:

  1. Lean and flow based approaches (e.g. Kanban, Lean start-up)
  2. Iterative and time boxed approaches(e.g. Scrum)
  3. Project focused approaches (e.g. DSDM, Feature Driven Development
  4. Standalone techniques (e.g. user stories)

“PRINCE2 Agile is all about using PRINCE2 and Agile in the right place….”


PRINCE2 is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited
PRINCE2 Agile is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited

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