PRINCE2® – An International Language

PRINCE2® – An International Language

Insights | 15 December 2015

PRINCE2 is the project management methodology of choice for private and public organisations globally. The current version of the guide is based on experiences drawn from executive sponsors, project managers, team members, trainers, consultants and academics worldwide.

“…given that projects are the means by which we introduce business change …implementing a secure, consistent, well-proven approach to project management is a valuable business investment”

PRINCE2, 2009

Doing Projects Right

PRINCE2 is about doing projects right – applying the right level of governance, providing the right information for the right stakeholders at the right time, to make the right decisions.

It incorporates:

  • Flexible decision points
  • Early visibility of possible obstacles
  • Incorporating lessons learned throughout the project (not just at the end)
  • Empowering people at the right level
  • Recognising projects are about change but not scope creep
  • Appropriate communication between the project team and other stakeholders
  • The importance of the business need and continued justification
  • Regular reviews of progress and achievements to date

How does PRINCE2 help me as a Project Manager?

PRINCE2 is a structured method that helps the Project Manager to focus on the key aspects of project performance:

  1. Cost. Budgetary constraints are typically a given in a project. The project needs to be affordable in relation to the value it delivers.
  2. Time. In today’s world being on time and meeting deadlines is often vital in a project context – delays can be costly and affect value-add.
  3. Quality. If the end result of the project doesn’t work or doesn’t meet the agreed requirements then the project cannot be deemed a success. The project deliverables need to be ‘fit for purpose’.
  4. Scope. There needs to be clear agreement on what the project is doing and what it is not doing. This includes understanding the ‘must haves’ and the ‘nice-to-haves’.
  5. Risk. Projects are about uncertainty; such uncertainty can impact the other aspects of a project. What level of risk is acceptable in the project?
  6. Benefits. These are the ‘why’ of a project – think value. Benefits are measurable improvements as a result of the project, otherwise why are we doing it?

By providing an integrated set of processes, themes and principles, PRINCE2 can improve project success and organisational capability.

Get information on the PRINCE2 Certification or for the full list of course dates.

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