Programme Mobilisation – Where Do I Start?

Programme Mobilisation – Where Do I Start?

Insights | 21 March 2016

Given the scale of today’s transformational change programmes, agreed programme management practices tailored to the organisation are a vital enabler in delivering planned outcomes and realising desired benefits.

True transformational change involves complexity, ambiguity, and risk often in a setting of global volatility, increasing customer demands, and regulatory requirements.

“Organisations that have learned how to transform themselves through effective leadership and strategic control are more likely to survive and prosper.”

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), AXELOS

The question that often arises once overall approval for a programme is granted is: how to ramp up and get mobilisation happening in a timely manner. For example, we now need to ramp up to 250+ people, including recruitment, office space, computers, email addresses, procurement and the list goes on…. Sound familiar?

What is your resource management approach and plan?

A practical starting point is to ensure that you have a:

  • Resource Management Strategy (or equivalent) that identifies how the programme will acquire and manage the various resources (including people) to achieve the desired change; and
  • Resource Management Plan (or section in your Programme Plan) with the schedule of specific activities and responsibilities to ensure that the right resources are available at the right time in your programme.

Checklist to Programme Mobilisation

  1. What is the agreed budget for resourcing? Where is the funding coming from and how will it be accessed? (E.g. what is the drawdown policy?).
  2. What subject matter experts (SMEs) are required? How will they be sourced?
  3. What technology, systems and supporting services are required for the programme? How will they be supplied?
  4. What is the agreed policy on the mix of internal and external resources? Can we recruit/procure? Will BAU people affected by the change be available at the right time to embrace the new ways of working?
  5. How will resources be shared across the projects in the programme? How will this be managed in terms of priorities and any conflicts?
  6. What office space/equipment is required for the programme? How will this be allocated and managed?
  7. Are the corporate procurement and contract management policies to be applied?
  8. How will skills and knowledge be transferred to BAU to ensure the change is sustained?
  9. Who will be responsible for resource management including procurement, contract management, recruitment, resource sharing and budgeting? When will these activities happen?

“The resource management strategy should be developed alongside the programme plan to ensure that the resources required match the planned activities and timescales”.

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), AXELOS
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