What are Project Delivery Services and How can they Help?

What are Project Delivery Services and How can they Help?

Insights | 16 June 2010

Project Delivery Services provide a high level form of project management, including taking care of the organisation, the supervision and the administration of workers and processes that make up a project.

In addition to packaging the product, the product delivery manager delivers the final product to the client.

Overseeing the entire operation, the delivery manager will also have client interaction and possibly even shareholder interaction as they pursue projects. The progress of these projects is reported and explained to all shareholders, including staff who are responsible for the tasks at hand.

“The delivery director anticipates the actions, thoughts, and directions of the client, and manages the client without them really knowing it.”

Tony D’Angelo, Author of “The Conductor – Leading Business and Technology Teams to Success”

The stages of the business cycle are multi-varied. Acquiring a lead, turning the lead into a prospect, working towards and closing the sale and then the final delivery of the project are the key expectations of effective project delivery services.

The Delivery Director’s skill set must encompass all aspects of the business. These skills include:

•    The ability to organise the collection, storage and communication of project information in a timely manner.
•    The  aptitude to find value in all people involved in the project and to make effective use of their different skills.
•    The tendency to provide motivation and direction to the team, delegating responsibility appropriately and empowering team members to deliver results.
•    The skill to scope the project beforehand and during the process, to ensure that the requirements are defined and controlled.
•    The facility to keep clients informed, to manage their expectations, and to provide for their best interests
•    The know-how to manage risk through identifying and responding to it ahead of time.
•    The ability to estimate the metrics of the project, analysing the financial and resource-related statistics.
•    The proficiency to manage costs and the economic business relationship and structure with the clients and suppliers.

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