Project Management Checklist – Part 2

Project Management Checklist – Part 2

Insights | 04 July 2010

Project Management Checklist – Part 2


Define how the final product will be used and implemented.

  1. Is the product to be cross-platform compatible (e.g. Mac and PC)?
  2. Is the product to be cross-browser compatible (e.g. Explorer, Safari and Mozilla)?
  3. Is it necessary to develop a prototype or proof-of-concept by a particular date?
  4. Will the assets involve graphics, animations, audio, video creation? How much time will the creation of these assets require?
  5. Is the subject matter expert/developer/writer to provide raw or formatted content, or do they work with instructional/information designer to create assets in an acceptable form (e.g. HTML, sound file, video file)?
  6. What file naming conventions will be used?
  7. Will the resource/product be developed with a design template? Will cascading style sheets (CSS) be used?
  8. What material will require third-party copyright clearance? What will be the cost for the use of such items? How much time is needed to seek clearance?
  9. How will third-party material be referenced in the resource/product?

Project Team, Responsibilities and Professional Development

  1. What are the titles and contact details of team members, and where are these stored so the whole team can access at any point or if updates are required?
  2. Who is responsible for briefing team members on their responsibilities, and at what point?
  3. Where several roles are carried out by one individual (e.g. instructional designer, editor, graphic artist), does this person have sufficient time to complete all of the tasks required in the available time?
  4. What software specific training will be required for project team members?

Quality Assurance

  1. What documented quality conformance processes and procedures will be in place to ensure that delivery of resource/product and other support services meets the standards required of the stakeholders?
  2. What role do the various team members play in quality assurance and approval of resource/product?
  3. At what stage will usability test/s be conducted?

Risk Management

  1. How will the project deal with the inevitable delays, budget overruns, staff illnesses/ holidays? What other potential risks threaten the success of the project? How has the project team planned for these? Who has approved these plans?
  2. What management strategies can be put into place to avoid or minimise these risks? Does the risk management process include a checklist of risk indicators with well thought-out countering activities or good practice indicators?

Review and Evaluation

  1. Is there a mandated evaluation process in the client requirements? If so what are the requirements?
  2. How will the product be reviewed? What criteria will reviewers use to inform this process? This will entail feedback on:
    • Accuracy and completeness of the content
    • Screen designs, general aesthetics and user-friendliness
    • General effectiveness of the approach
  1. At what point/s are authentic users involved in evaluation? When and how will testing with a target group be achieved?
  2. How will the evaluation be built into the project? Key questions such as the following need to be asked:
    • Does the product achieve the objectives for which they were developed?
    • Has the user’s attitude to the subject matter been influenced in some way?
    • What long-term impact did using the product have?

Implementation, Delivery and Maintenance

  1. How will the resource/product be implemented? Does the resource/product require installation on individual machines or a network?
  2. How will the resource/product be delivered? What are the critical elements and contingencies for delivery (e.g. distance, blended and face-to-face)?
  3. How many mediums/formats for distribution are required?
  4. Is specialist training required to accompany the implementation?
  5. How will updates to the resource be managed?
  6. What maintenance strategies must be developed in order to accommodate learner/user feedback?

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