Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management

Insights | 07 November 2012
A leading edge practice or a competitive necessity?

The seminar provides trends, knowledge and insights from our consultants with a focus on improving Project Portfolio Management Success.

More projects than resources? Conflicting priorities from multiple initiatives? Poor visibility and investment decision support? Project Portfolio Management is becoming an accepted solution to these problems.

This centralised approach provides a single version of the truth for project and project portfolio information and provides the essential transparency of performance needed by senior management to monitor progress against the strategic plan. Project Portfolio Management embraces the business objectives to align and prioritise projects from the top down.

Applicable to every type and size of company, Project Portfolio Management is no longer a leading edge practice; Project Portfolio Management is becoming a competitive necessity providing new levels of visibility for executive decision support. Flawless execution of the wrong projects is more costly to a business than average execution of the right projects.

Early stage implementations were all unique with pioneers learning as they progressed. Today predictable and standard patterns for successful Project Portfolio Management implementations are emerging and these patterns mitigate both risk and cost.

Our 2012 PMO Survey Trends Report found:

  • The Top 5 challenges for PMOs over the next 2 years are all Portfolio Management Related
  • Over 90% of surveyed organisations have an active PMO
  • but only 47% have project portfolio management practices in place
  • and only 34% are performing resource supply and demand planning

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