Safeguard Project Success

Safeguard Project Success

Insights | 24 September 2015

As mentioned in article 1 and article 2 of our ‘Introduction to Project Management Series’, if you review the roles within your organisation, it can be suggested that it’s not just those with the official title of project manager who manage the day-to-day projects within your business.

In our third article of the ‘Introduction to Project Management Series’ we will cover The Essential Project Management Philosophy.

What is the Essential Project Management Philosophy?

Project management is not just a set of tools and techniques that are applied as and when the need arises; it also embodies a distinct style of working and overall philosophy.

10 Key Elements of the Overall Approach or ‘Philosophy’

  1. Plan, plan, plan
  2. Focus on the business and the customer needs
  3. Recognise the balancing act between cost, time and output to maximise benefits
  4. Focus on ensuring understanding of roles, accountabilities and responsibilities
  5. Involve the team at all levels
  6. Be positive and breed a ‘can do’ attitude
  7. Be up-front, direct and honest
  8. Be proactive rather than reactive
  9. ‘Go the extra mile’
  10. Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Our Project Management Fundamentals Course (An introduction to project management) will cover the Essential Project Management Philosophy in more detail.

By completing our Project Management Fundamentals (PMF) course and by having current project related documentary Portfolio of Evidence, proving you have contributed to the development, maintenance and actioning of project documentation across the required knowledge areas, you are eligible for assessment against the competencies of the Certificate IV in Project Management Award. PM-Partners provides Skills and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessment Services for industry experienced people in Australia.

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