Strategy Tragedy

Strategy Tragedy

Insights | 31 October 2014

Are your Projects and Programmes strategically aligned to the organisations strategy?

Does your PMO ensure the portfolio is aligned to the organisations strategy?

Does your organisation have a clearly defined strategy?


  1. Of not delivering on the organisation strategy
  2. Wasting valuable resource on low value projects and programs
  3. Adding little value to the overall strategic importance of the organisation

Strategy in an organisation is the “what” and the “why”.

Projects and programmes are the “how”.

The strategy is the organisations approach to how they delivery on their overall vision.

If an organisation has a clearly defined strategy and the PMO ensures the organisations portfolio is managed and governed with clear guidelines and alignment to strategy then the best case scenario exists, which are:

  1. Strategic outcomes are almost always achieved
  2. The best use of resources within the organisations are used to achieve a common goal
  3. Good management of the project portfolio ensures clear priorities with little competing views or issues within the organisation

The tragedy begins when the following conditions exist:

  1. No clearly defined strategy
  2. No priority of projects or programmes through a portfolio view
  3. Misuse of resources with no effective outcomes or benefits for the organisation

This scenario is a typical tragedy and failure of many PMO’s. PMO’s are seen to fail because they have not delivered any value to the organisation.

The trap for many PMO’s are they are not at the strategic table and have not been given clear directions of the organisations strategy.

With no clear directions or strong Portfolio Management of the organisations projects and programmes; sometimes it comes down to who is the strongest in justifying doing a certain project or programme within the business. Which can lead to a poor outcome for everyone!

Avoid the tragedy of not delivering on the “how” of your organisations strategy and therefore delivering the benefit and being a successful PMO.

If your PMO is struggling with the “Strategic Tragedy” professional help from the PM-Partners Group Advisory team can help you get back on track with your portfolio management and executive team alignment.

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