Insights | 30 January 2012

“PM-Partners group continues to perform an integral role in our business. PM-Partners group has added substantial value to the operation of our core business and I would recommend them to any organisation requiring assistance with any aspect of project management and service delivery.”

“PM-Partners group has run several high profile and business critical internal projects including the re-establishment of a complete, profitable and sustainable maintenance and spares logistics business. Pete Swan had an active management role for this high impact business project involving the analysis of the business issues, risk assessment and management, negotiations with suppliers, development of action plans and active management of these plans through to successful completion. I have no hesitation in recommending PM-Partners group.”

“PM-Partners group has provided timely deliverables against aggressive time frames, provided accurate and unbiased system advice and delivered high quality software to meet our needs. The success of their support has ensured that our major IT provider (EDS) has had to integrate PM-Partners group into our major projects to ensure quality database design. PM-Partners group senior management has provided flexible arrangements and has been willing to negotiate costings. I also believe we have made sound friendships in our dealings with PM-Partners group.”

“The real benefit to our organisation from PM-Partners group, and specifically Pete Swan, is the strategic management and direction provided through consultation. This includes the formalisation of an operational service product growth and management structure to the tools for deploying the strategy.”

“The extensive growth and rapid pace of the operational services business has required support in service management and day-to-day improvements. PM-Partners group has enabled us to obtain an aggressive growth rate while putting in place the people, systems and process to both sustain and expand the business. PM-Partners group enables our commercial teams to meet their revenue targets; our operational teams to meet customer expectations; and our growth to continue. I cannot recommend PM-Partners group enough. The relationship is based on trust and creating a work environment that is simple and effective. The output is exceptional.”

“…it was one of the best IT implementations I have seen during my years in the airline industry.”
Jetstar Head of Airports, Bill Jauncey

“The most practical workshop I have been on, delivered by people who really understand their business and have put these techniques to use in the field.”

“PM-Partners group didn’t just deliver a course, they worked with me pre- and post-course completion with the application process right through to achieving the certification. The IIBA application process is highly demanding – enough to scare most experienced business analysts off. Without PM-Partners group’s support, there is no way I could have even gone past the application approval stage. Personally, I was impressed with the overall professionalism provided by PM-Partners group. This was demonstrated from initial discussions and proposals, throughout the training and post-training follow-up. The important factor to the success of the training was not only the content provided, but of more importance, was the way the trainers’ facilitated discussion – communication which promoted recommendations for improvement. I have no hesitation in recommending PM-Partners group.”

“The quality of PM-Partners group’s facilitation and support is top shelf, they did everything possible to work with our group to achieve certification. I fully recommend the PM-Partners group CBAP course. The course is not only an excellent preparation for the CBAP exam but is also of immediate and practical use in the workplace. The course handbook breaks the BABOK into logical pieces and improves the ease of understanding greatly.”

“Thanks for all the great teaching! I passed the exam this morning – 77%. The questions that you provided were excellent and a very good indicator of what to expect in the exam.”

“As part of the PM-Partners group Business Analysis Learning Pathway, this course is essential for every business analyst wishing to take their skills and recognition to the next level of professionalism. I found the course way above my expectations.”

“ITPM* was referred to us through one of our board members. We identified early on that our XaptCare project was going to have a big impact across the business so we asked ITPM to work with our project team and steering committee to ensure we had the right project management governance in place. Although our team is very capable it was comforting to know we had expertise in project delivery from outside our organisation to provide the necessary independent checks and balances along the way. ITPM is an easy organisation to work with – their project management focus has really made a difference in the way we are delivering XaptCare, and now other projects, across BCS.”
CIO Gregory Russell, Baptist Community Services

*ITPM and PM-Partners merged in December 2007 to form PM-Partners group

“Just to let you know what an outstanding job ITPM* is doing. You are across the brief and providing us with exactly the sort of project delivery, business support and information we need. ITPM has very quickly developed trust and confidence among the executive team. More than that, your people are a great pleasure to work with. Thanks for reading the signals and shifting course with this, it has made a big difference.”
MD – Harris Technology and GM – Officeworks Business Direct, Craig Dower

*ITPM and PM-Partners merged in December 2007 to form PM-Partners group

“The force multiplier capabilities of ITPM* were invaluable. They’re a very capable group of people. What we have developed is a world first.”
RAAF Wing Commander, Guy Watson

*ITPM and PM-Partners merged in December 2007 to form PM-Partners group

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