Unearthing the PRINCE2 methodology

Unearthing the PRINCE2 methodology

Insights | 16 October 2009

For developing project managers, one of the most frequently asked questions concerns the nature of the PRINCE2 methodology – what exactly does it involve and how can it better my project management practices?

The give you a little bit of insight into the history of the PRINCE2 course, the concept of PRINCE2 is a derivative of an I.T. project management methodology originating in the UK, which has since been adopted as a general project management methodology. Today, PRINCE2 is considered one of the most powerful and successful project management methodologies used in excess of 150 countries worldwide.

When observed in practice, the PRINCE2 methodology implicates a fascinating and meticulous hierarchical structure that places strong emphasis on process driven project management. The project is divided into manageable and controllable stages, providing an inherent contingency plan for achieving project completion in working under the assumption that not all resources will be producing maximum levels of output from the conception to completion of the project.

In Australia, PRINCE2 is one of two favourable project management methodologies, particularly for larger organizations. The PRINCE2 methodology is deployed across Australian state government bodies as a sturdy framework for controlling the output across a large expanse of organizational resources, and is also prevalent amongst companies with head offices in the UK and Europe. One of the primary advantages of the PRINCE2 framework is that it is highly malleable, so yeah, if you’re a small-medium business owner and you feel like you’re missing out on one of the best project management methodologies known to man – you can tailor your own PRINCE2 framework for your company, hence the warm acceptance and high demand of this methodology!

At PM-Partners, our PRINCE2 training sessions will teach you the mechanics of this methodology and how to effectively apply them in an organization of any size – we’ll also go one further and prep you for all you need to know to get your PRINCE2 certification in less time. With the soon to be released online student website PM Partners students will be able to spend less time in the classroom and more time preparing for the Prince2 Examination.

Should you have any questions or comments requiring more of an explanation, or you simply want an in-depth discussions, feel free to give us a call on +65 6818 5771.

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