Using Technology to Support Portfolio Management Practices

Using Technology to Support Portfolio Management Practices

Insights | 07 February 2013

One of the most important aspects of project and portfolio management (PPM) is openness and transparency across existing and future projects, yet many businesses fail to take advantage of the wide range of PPM software available to them.

A well-developed and sophisticated PMO will have established technology and processes that enables them to provide visibility across projects, programs and portfolios to those who require it.

The benefits of PPM software

  • PPM software offers wide-ranging benefits, particularly to those on the executive level. These include:
  • High level portfolio planning that carries through to low-level project plans
  • Improved visibility of resources and therefore better allocation capabilities
  • Real time reporting at all levels
  • Improved compliance
  • An overall reduction of costs

PPM software also allows executives to make portfolio prioritisation and trade-off decisions with a full understanding of all potential business impacts and consequences.

The improved project visibility that comes from effective PPM software can benefit the organisation while enabling the best possible optimisation and allocation of resources. This means that the best resources can be better managed to work on the most critical projects.

The 2012/13 Project Management Office (PMO) Survey conducted by PM-Partners group showed that 33% of organisations use mostly spreadsheets and basic documents to support PMO and PPM activities, with 78% planning to implement advanced project management software in the next year.

There was a sharp divide in the type of software employed. 62% of surveyed businesses opted for an on-premise software solution, while 38% use an on-demand Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

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