The Value In Agile ‘Coaching’

The Value In Agile ‘Coaching’

Insights | 15 August 2016

Businesses serious about thriving in their competitive markets are continuously seeking more efficient and innovative practices to adapt quickly and stay ahead of the game, with today’s ever-changing environments seeing project managers faced with more demands for successful outcomes, than ever before.

With this in mind, we are all too familiar with businesses having attempted agile practices, only to have their initiatives fall down and further fuel existing misconceptions around success likelihood and capability. Demands placed on project staff often require quick outcomes, little risk and cost, and sometimes minimal definition; hence, methods that reflect this.

So… Where to begin?

  • Agile practices need to start from the top and be championed by strong leadership.
  • You don’t ‘do’ agile, you need to ‘be’ agile. It is a way of thinking as much as it is an adapted approach.
  • Agility should ultimately aim for the enterprise level, even in instances where traditional methods are undertaken simultaneously.
  • Introducing agile requires a change management approach.
  • Agile thinking and practices don’t necessarily need to encompass agile jargon.
  • Agile does require governance and retains a level of complexity, despite common misconceptions.
  • Business agility often requires agile scaling.

The Role of an Agile Coach

When agile is implemented properly, by the right expertise, the result is rapid, successful, and measurable capability, executed quickly and with minimal disruption.

As coaches, our approach encompasses building, leading, and defining the process and roles required for successful agile implementation, including the adoption of mutual accountability for project outcomes before eventually transitioning ourselves out.

Regardless of a business environment’s unique constraints, we see the practice of adopting rapid, results-driven agile solutions as an opportunity rather than a hindrance.

With organisational agility being the ultimate objective, our role as agile coaches is to embed ourselves into unique, contextualised business environments, helping to facilitate stakeholder engagement, acceleration, and benefits realisation to ultimately achieve better investment and business outcomes.

Watch PM-Partners’ Agile Practice Lead, Greg Collocott, talk about changing mindsets and harnessing support for success through agile.

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